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Therapy Focus's 2023 Graduates
14 February 2024

Celebrating our 2023 Graduates

In February, the ten allied health clinicians who completed our 2023 Graduate Program were celebrated at the...

9 February 2024

Festival of Learning offers diverse knowledge and expert insights

On Monday 5 February, Therapy Focus staff came together at Joondalup Resort for a day of learning facilitated...

Therapy Focus logo
10 January 2024

COVID-19: What we’re doing to protect our community

As COVID-19 outbreaks continue, Therapy Focus is taking steps to protect the health and safety of our...

Therapy Focus CEO Alison Kelly
14 December 2023

CEO Update: Summer 2024

As 2023 draws to a close, Therapy Focus CEO Alison Kelly reflects on an eventful year and provides an update...

A young man enjoying an icecream
6 December 2023

A day of fun, inclusivity, and celebration!

On Sunday 3 December, Therapy Focus customers, staff, their families and friends came together at Beaton Park...

12 October 2023

Empowering your allied health career at every step

At Therapy Focus, we believe in the power of education and continuous growth Whether you're considering a...

2 October 2023

Welcoming Chief Financial Officer, Karissa Goold

Therapy Focus has welcomed its newest Executive, Mai Welsh, who brings 30 years’ experience in the Public,...

A group of woman posed for a photo
7 September 2023

Gala Dinner celebrates the people behind 25 years

On Friday 27 July, staff and special guests came together at HBF Stadium for a Gala Dinner in celebration of...

Therapy Focus 25th Anniversary logo
30 June 2023

We’re turning 25 and you could WIN!

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary we're inviting past and current customers, staff and stakeholders to share...

A young man using a Litegait machine with his therapist and parent watching
25 May 2023

Intensive therapy centre offers the latest tech in WA first

WA-based disability service provider, Therapy Focus, is set to open an intensive therapy centre offering...

Chief Operating Officer, Mai Welsh headshot
5 May 2023

Welcoming Chief Operating Officer, Mai Welsh

Therapy Focus has welcomed its newest Executive, Mai Welsh, who brings 30 years’ experience in the Public,...

A man and woman stand either side of Fat Cat against a colourful wall that says Telethon. The man had brown and blonde hair and wears a purple Therapy Focus polo shirt. The woman has mid-length light hair and wears a black Therapy Focus shirt.
26 April 2023

20 Years as a Telethon Beneficiary

For the last 20 years, Therapy Focus has been fortunate to be named a Telethon Beneficiary In that time, the...

Members of the Therapy Focus team pose together in front of a blue backdrop.
29 March 2023

Celebrating excellence at the Disability Support Awards

On Friday 24 March, around 700 people attended Crown Perth to celebrate the 2023 Disability Support Awards,...

Therapy Focus logo
20 March 2023

2023 NDIS Audit

Therapy Focus' next NDIS Audit will be completed in early April with a number of customers invited to take...

Therapist accepting an award from a lady using a wheelchair
7 March 2023

People’s Choice Award: Nominations now open

Acknowledge staff who have gone above and beyond by nominating them for our 2023 People’s Choice...

Headshot of Matthew Felton. He wears a dark polo top and has dark blonde hair.
27 February 2023

Therapy Focus Board welcomes new Directors

The Therapy Focus Board is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Directors Julianne Adams and...

Fiona Notley headshot
8 December 2022

Therapy Focus Board welcomes Fiona Notley

The Therapy Focus Board has welcomed its newest member, Fiona Notley, who was appointed in November 2022...

3 November 2022

Recognising the achievements of our extraordinary staff

One of our favourite times of the year is when we get the opportunity to celebrate the incredible...

1 November 2022

Animal Crossing creates a supportive environment

Therapy Focus’ Gaming Therapy program has continued to grow and evolve with the use of the popular online...

23 August 2022

Keith’s hoisted to independence

Keith enjoys fishing, photography and watching his favourite footy team, St Kilda Over the course of his life...

Therapy Focus CEO Alison Kelly with Board Chair Fiona Payne
1 August 2022

Therapy Focus Board Welcomes New CEO Alison Kelly

The Board of Therapy Focus is delighted to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Alison...

25 July 2022

Paul connects through the power of magnification

51-year-old Paul Scortaioli is a happy fellow who loves to read the newspapers, enjoys looking at photos and...

Service Award recipients gather on stage for a picture.
13 July 2022

Introducing our 2022 People’s Choice Award nominees

The 2022 People's Choice Award nominees have been...

20 June 2022

Leroy goes for gold at the Special Olympics

In October 2022, Leroy Sassine will be jet-setting across the nation to attend his second National Special...

Two therapists, a young boy and a mother stand in a garden next to each other. They are smiling towards a camera.
31 May 2022

Paul’s private bathroom sanctuary

Toileting with ease and privacy is something many of us take for granted For Paul, achieving independence in...

Alison Kelly headshot
27 May 2022

Welcoming new CEO Alison Kelly

The Board of Therapy Focus is delighted to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Alison...

Sam sits in her wheelchair at her back door. She is smiling and has long blonde hair.
28 April 2022

Sam’s extraordinary journey to independence

With the support of innovative assistive technology, people who live with physical disabilities like Sam can...

Ethan sits at the dinning table with his family and smiles at the camera. He is wearing a collared shirt.
2 March 2022

Mealtime magic for Ethan and his family

Through Therapy Focus’ mealtime management support, Ethan and his family can now enjoy mealtime...

Carl with his wife and Labrador
2 March 2022

Carl’s extraordinary journey made his best friend happy

Through Therapy Focus’ Assistive Technology support, Carl can do more things in his day without...

Cam and Maisie sit on a mat and are smiling at each other. Maisie is clapping.
23 February 2022

Cam kicks yet another goal!

From smashing his ballet goals to tying his shoelaces, there is nothing stopping Cam on his extraordinary...

CEO Angelena Fixter
22 February 2022

Angelena Fixter steps down as CEO

Friday 25 February 2022 will be CEO Angelena Fixter last day at Therapy...

Participants engage in Minecraft Gaming Therapy at Shenton College.
22 February 2022

Gaming Therapy makes student friendships a priority at Shenton College

In partnership with Therapy Focus, WA’s leading therapy service provider, Shenton College adopted a new way...

Customer Ashleigh access Gaming Therapy on her laptop.
27 January 2022

Ashleigh accesses Gaming Therapy from Christmas Island

Whether you’re ‘near, far or wherever you are’ our Gaming Therapy can access you anywhere Just ask...

22 December 2021

Daredevil Ryan roams the beach once again

After acquiring a brain injury in 2011, former Constable and Therapy Focus customer Ryan has finally been...

Stephanie plays with a customer.
9 December 2021

Returning to the workforce as a young mum

For many mothers, the right time to return to work after having a child differs from person to person It can...

Customers at Perth Zoo.
5 December 2021

An Extraordinary Day at Perth Zoo

On Saturday 4 December 2021, Therapy Focus customers were invited to celebrate another extraordinary year of...

Audrey stands in front of a monument. She is smiling and wears a bright yellow coat.
24 November 2021

Meet Counsellor Audrey McGibbon

As part of growing and developing the Therapy Focus team and providing more services to our customers, we...

Occupational Therapist Deanne showing a customer home modifications
9 November 2021

Deanne, united by our organisation’s values and shared passion

Deanne Coleman, Advanced Occupational Therapist had an intrinsic drive to join an organisation where she...

Jordan, Seth and Emily pose for a photo. Seth is using a wooden spoon and a mixing bowl.
5 November 2021

Seth the Sensational Chef

6-year-old Seth is a baker in the making after an amazing school holiday session with his Speech Pathologist...

Tom and Josh stand together and smile. Tom is wearing a suit and Josh is wearing his Therapy Focus uniform.
26 October 2021

Talented Tom’s TEDx Talk

20-year-old Tom Oliver has big dreams, and he knows he is going to achieve them Starting with smashing his...

14 October 2021

Celebrating the stars among us

Therapy Focus esteemed guests, colleagues and friends gathered under the twinkling night sky to celebrate the...

Hamish accepts his award from Kanishka
23 September 2021

Supporting Emerging Leaders at the Disability Support Awards

Therapy Focus is proud to sponsor the 2021 Disability Support Awards and is honoured to have presented the...

Customer engaging in Minecraft on iPad
13 September 2021

Learning and connecting through Gaming Therapy

The popular video game Minecraft is being used as a therapy tool to help children and young people with...

Jillian smiles at reception desk
26 August 2021

Scheduling tool aims to improve the customer experience

At Therapy Focus, we’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and the way we do things...

Aboriginal artwork in Therapy Focus colours
16 July 2021

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Therapy Focus is proud to present its inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan for...

Bella McHarg holding a photo album of her as a baby.
12 July 2021

Heart-ly an ordinary kid

Bella McHarg has lived an extraordinary, and at times life-threatening journey, and she is only 10 years old...

Therapy Focus logo
5 July 2021

Changes to NDIS service pricing and billing policies

The team at Therapy Focus have reviewed the 2021-22 NDIS Pricing Arrangements and made changes to our pricing...

Emma smiling holding a box of containers
25 June 2021

Emma takes the crown for fundraising

What does a dance competition and collecting recyclable containers have in common Well, community fundraiser...

Social robot
15 June 2021

Navigating human interactions with help from a robot

A small and rather cute robot is helping people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and attention...

Alaister stands with Jillian in Therapy Focus reception
25 May 2021

Alaister Delivers service with a smile

Alaister Delivers provides prompt package delivery services, always with a smile...

Melissa holds her People's Choice Award.
29 April 2021

Our 2021 People’s Choice Award nominees

The 2021 People's Choice Award finalists have been announced!...

Two therapists stand with Basil Zempilas and Fat Cat in front of a rainbow balloon wall.
28 April 2021

Therapy Focus recognised as Telethon Beneficiary

A group of Therapy Focus staff attend the 2020 Telethon Beneficiary Breakfast...

Therapy Focus logo
27 April 2021

New office locations in Ellenbrook and Mandurah

Offices in Mandurah and Ellenbrook have relocated to new spaces within their existing suburbs...

Jason sits at his dining table with Aleysha and the Auslan interpreter.
1 April 2021

Servicing the Deaf and HoH community

Therapy Focus and Access Plus WA Deaf have joined forces to better service Deaf and HoH customers in the...

Sophie and Ollie smile at the camera.
23 March 2021

Ollie, therapy dog in the making

By chance, Ollie met his friend Sophie on a teletherapy call From there Ollie has helped Sophie with her...

Image of (from left to right) Di Darmody, Tanya Hosch, Angelena Fixter, Neryl Joyce and Fiona Payne.
18 March 2021

International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge Sundowner

Staff and friends of Therapy Focus gathered together to celebrate International Women's Day for 2021 with a...

Therapy Focus logo
17 March 2021

We’re moving to Yangebup

On Monday 29 March, Therapy Focus' Cockburn Team will move into a new office  in...

Zahraa (left) crouches next to Leana (middle) and Kim (right) as they smile at the camera
24 February 2021

Training supports mealtime enjoyment

27-year-old Leana has struggled with mealtimes Training from her Therapy Focus Therapists to her support...

Muji and Nurul pose next to each other, smiling.
23 February 2021

Switching to success

Tylar and Muji are switch superstars! They can now communicate easier, thanks to the help of their switches...

Joshua Panelo (left) stands with Marina Ciccarelli (right) and smiles. Joshua is holding the award.
22 February 2021

Celebrating the next generation of therapists

From Physiotherapy and Exercise Science Awards to Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Speech Pathology...

Therapist Emma faces the camera and is smiling. She is talking to another therapist.
12 February 2021

How motherhood didn’t stop Emma in her tracks

Team Leader and Occupational Therapist, Emma Marshman, describes why she chose to work at Therapy Focus and...

Guests at the Therapy Focus Masquerade Ball
8 January 2021

Masquerade Ball celebrates spirit in a year of challenges

Therapy Focus staff and guests came together at Optus Stadium to celebrate the unveiling of the new-look...

Tessa and Kelsie pose at a sign that has
17 December 2020

Delivering services in remote WA

In October, Therapy Focus Team Leader, Kelsie Davis, made the 1500km journey to the remote town of Warburton...

A therapist drawing on Jack's cast with West Coast Eagles colours
16 December 2020

Creative casting for jack

Serial casting has helped Jack with his range of motion as well as helping to stretch and lengthen his leg...

Kim at her Window Art stall
15 December 2020

Turning hobbies into business

What do clothing protectors, window art and all-natural dog treats have in common They are all products being...

Group of young men and women smiling
14 December 2020

Supporting the transition to adulthood

The transition project, or more specifically, the transition program, supports people living with Autism...

Olivia smiling as she uses the Explorer Mini with her therapist.
11 December 2020

Little Explorer, Olivia

Recently, Olivia’s Physiotherapist at Therapy Focus, Laura Cruz, arranged for Olivia to trial the Explorer...

International Day of People with Disability logo
24 November 2020

International Day of People with Disability: What’s On

Each year we celebrate International Day of People with Disability on 3 December Find out what's happening in...

Hands pointing at a laptop screen
28 June 2020

Neurodiversity a Competitive Advantage at ExteND Testing

A program run by Curtin University is giving companies access to exceptional software testing and data...

Anthony holding a Toileting Superhero certificate
19 June 2020

Anthony flushes his toileting fears

9-year-old Anthony has overcome his fear of toileting with support from his family and Therapy Focus’...

Cody smiling with his new iPad beside him
28 May 2020

Donated iPads Help People with Disability Access Teletherapy

Therapy Focus has donated iPads and data packages to people with disability and their families to help them...

A boy sifting flour
27 May 2020

Cooking with Christine gives Ryan food confidence

12 year-old Ryan is overcoming food challenges thanks to the creativity of his speech pathologist and a...

Minecraft game character
27 May 2020

Gaming Therapy a hit

A team of therapists are using the popular computer game Minecraft to help children and teenagers with...

Woman teaching children to cook
27 May 2020

Hayley volunteers in the Kimberley

Earlier this year, Occupational Therapist, Hayley Smith travelled to the Kimberley region of Western...

Lucas on his electric bike
24 April 2020

Lucas rides on thanks to GIVE

An electric bike funded by Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program is giving Lucas newfound independence and the chance...

A boy speaking to his therapist via FaceTime
24 April 2020

Teletherapy Supports Routine for Families

Families of children with disabilities are doing their best to keep life as normal as possible with support...

30 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) links and resources

A list of organisations who have helpful information and resources relating to coronavirus...

Therapist holds toddler in upturned plastic shell
11 March 2020

Cockburn Toy Library unveils new collection of therapeutic toys

The Cockburn Toy Library unveiled their new collection of gross motor skills-focussed toys with support from...

Neil Roper polishing some stones
26 February 2020

GIVE Program Rocks Neil’s World

A set of lapidary tools funded by Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program is giving Nannup local, Neil Roper, back his...

Boy sits at table smiling
26 February 2020

Ready and Regulated for Eating: Henry’s Story

For 14 year-old Henry, mealtimes were once a source a stress and anxiety But with specialist mealtime advice...

Therapist supports client holding shower rail in bathroom
28 January 2020

Home modifications mean more independence for Michelle

For Michelle, who lives with a condition called Myelomalacia, altering the layout of her bedroom and bathroom...

Colourful mural outside therapy clinic
13 November 2019

Mural celebrates Walliston community partnership

In early November our therapy team based in the Perth Hills joined forces with the staff and students at...

Bladder and Bowel Health Australia logo and Therapy Focus logo
25 October 2019

Bladder and Bowel Health Australia joins Therapy Focus

Bladder and Bowel Health Australia Inc has been acquired by Therapy Focus Ltd This bringing together of the...

Therapist in a recording booth
27 September 2019

Service Agreements Come to Life in New Videos

A series of animated videos have been created to help explain our Service Agreements in English and five...

27 September 2019

Top Marks for Communication at Therapy Focus

Therapy Focus is the first organisation in Western Australia to be accredited as communication accessible by...

Harrison in his beach wheelchair with his brother knelt beside him
26 September 2019

Harrison hits the beach thanks to Telethon

Beach-lover Harrison Dunn is able to enjoy the sun, sand and sea this summer, thanks to a new beach...

Sewn casserole dish holder
26 July 2019

Ashlee has business sewn up

18 year-old Ashlee Gregori has turned a shared hobby between mother and daughter into a micro-enterprise...

Therapist holds piece of watermelon
17 July 2019

Staff Celebrated at 21st Anniversary

On Wednesday 3 July, Therapy Focus staff, Board Directors and special guests celebrated the organisation’s...

Therapist talks to patient under tarpaulin
28 June 2019

Karina takes her expertise to Zimbabwe

Physiotherapist Karina Caldwell travelled to Zimbabwe with Cosmos HealthCare to volunteer as part of a...

Two men with football player Tom Liberatore
28 June 2019

Jordan Meets His Heroes

Therapy Focus Occupational Therapist, Joshua Panelo, recently organised for his client, Jordan Jasmins, to...

Two people next to National Reconciliation Week banner
30 May 2019

‘Gurrumul’ screening celebrates National Reconciliation Week

On Wednesday 29 May, Therapy Focus staff, customers and the wider community attended a special sold-out...

Little girl on bike with mum
28 May 2019

There’s No Stopping Candice!

Five and a half year-old Candice Evans is not letting her disability get in the way of living life to the...

Therapist and a mature woman on an exercise bike smiling
22 May 2019

GIVE helps Sharon get back on her feet

An exercise bike funded by Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program is helping Sharon Barber learn to walk again after...

Women next to sign
21 May 2019

Therapy Focus Goes to California

A partnership between Therapy Focus and AchieveKids in California has seen staff from both organisations...

An older man sits with two therapists.
1 May 2019

Just your average bloke

Tony Vardaro is a self-declared average bloke The proud father worked as a social worker at TAFE for 17 years...

Two young children smile infront of Therapy Focus mascot.
20 April 2019

Sunflower Sunday makes for family fun day

On Sunday 2 December 2018, around 800 people descended on Garvey Park in Ascot to enjoy a great range of free...

Girl on climbing frame
18 April 2019

GIVE provides the power of play

10 year-old Rhianna is discovering the benefits of play, such as improved strength, coordination and...

CEO Angelena Fixter
4 April 2019

Introducing Our New CEO Angelena Fixter

Following an extensive national recruitment process, Angelena Fixter has been appointed the new Chief...

Family members outside
29 March 2019

Andrew Joins the Celebration

Josephine Chong could not be prouder of her son Andrew, who recently stepped outside his comfort zone to...

KONGA dance class instructor and friends
22 March 2019

KONGA megaclass highlights importance of ‘me-time’

Fitness instructor and mother of four, Tyare Pugh, is inviting the Perth community to take part in a free...

Therapist talks to client
19 March 2019

Quality Evaluation: Provide your feedback

In April, the State Government Department for Communities’ Disability Services will conduct an independent...

Therapist holds drink and laughs with young boy
21 February 2019

SOS makes feeding fun

A group of Therapy Focus customers with feeding difficulties are finding the fun in mealtimes thanks to an...

Therapist and mother laugh with two children
7 February 2019

Behaviour Support Leads to Positive Changes

Ask any parent how they feel when their child throws a tantrum or has a public meltdown and most will tell...

Boy on bike
10 December 2018

GIVE provides wheelie great benefits

15 year-old Orion is getting his daily exercise whilst enjoying opportunities to interact with neighbours and...

CEO Matt Burrows smiling at camera
30 November 2018

CEO Matt Burrows Steps Down

After seven years at the helm of Therapy Focus, Matt Burrows will step down as CEO to return to Broome –...

Four women learning key word sign
23 November 2018

Thumbs up for Key Word Sign workshop

Earlier this month a group of parents, carers and educators learned the basics of Key Word Sign at a workshop...

Volunteers from NS Projects with Lisa Harris in the Newly Renovated Backyard
9 November 2018

NS Projects Give the Gift of the Great Outdoors

On Saturday 27 October, a team of volunteers from project management company NS Projects conducted a...

Therapist with client and his wife sitting at table
24 October 2018

Customer Survey: We Hear You!

Every two years Therapy Focus invites people accessing our services to provide feedback by completing a...

Man with hat on putting away paints at art shop
25 September 2018

Les finds purpose at Jackson’s

Busselton resident Les Slayford has a new-found sense of purpose since securing work experience at...

Sofia with a Therapy Focus staff at the Speak Up Awards
19 September 2018

Sofia Speaks Up About Autism

11 year-old Sofia Schiaffini has won an award for her speech about autism in this year’s Speak Up...

Boy holding guitar sitting next to teacher
7 September 2018

GIVE provides the gift of guitar lessons

16 year-old Joseph has always dreamed of playing guitar in a band And thanks to a GIVE Program grant for...

Group of therapists holding communication devices
3 September 2018

Communication consultancy improves device access

Staffed by experienced speech pathologists knowledgeable in the area of alternative and augmentative...

Children holding their framed artwork
28 August 2018

Students shares message of kindness

A children’s storybook featuring illustrations created by WA primary school students has been unveiled at a...

Toddler sitting on floor playing
10 August 2018

Resource Library Helps Zechariah Achieve his Therapy Goals

A specialist resource service for people with disability and their families has opened in East Victoria Park...

Man accepting award from woman
2 August 2018

Therapy Focus Celebrates 20 Years

On Friday 20 July, 500 guests including Therapy Focus staff, alumni and special guests celebrated the...

Harrison uses his wheelchair and smiles.
26 July 2018

The story of my wheelchair

Harrison shares his story about waiting for his new wheelchair...

Layla and her mum hug in the garden.
20 July 2018

Layla gets on track to healthy eating

Layla has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and began...

Young man sits at table with two therapists
13 July 2018

NDIS Helps Hau Achieve More Independence

Hau Le is a young man with goals and aspirations to live a more independent life Prior to accessing supports...

Toddler and baby in specially adapted double stroller
10 July 2018

GIVE helps Zaki stroll with his baby bro

Two-year-old Zakariya Hashi is now able to go for walks in comfort with his new baby brother thanks to a...

A boy and therapist sit together on some grass. They interact with a therapy resource.
7 July 2018

Troy’s literacy success

Troy is autistic and his literacy progress had plateaued over several years So in early 2017 – Troy’s...

A boy strengthening his jaw with a chewy tube. He is being helped by his mother.
2 July 2018

Harry learns how to enjoy mealtimes

2-year-old Harry Padmanabhan has Global Developmental Delay and is learning how mealtimes can be fun with the...

Aboriginal woman with her three foster sons
2 July 2018

NAIDOC Week celebrates special women

This year’s theme, 'Because of her, we can', celebrates Aboriginal women and the essential role these...

A group of clinicians and professionals stand together and smile.
20 June 2018

A journey of learning in the Golden State

In March, Therapy Focus clinicians Sulin Ng and Christine Bosch travelled to California as part of a 2-week...

Therapist sits on trampoline with boy
16 April 2018

New NDIS Therapy Pricing Limits Outcomes

Therapy Focus has condemned a recommendation made for the pricing of therapy services in an Independent...

Group of young girls with woman
11 April 2018

Sweet experience for autistic girls

On Friday 5 April, the same day the United Nations met to discuss the importance of empowering autistic women...

Four people play with a robot on the floor
3 April 2018

‘Coding club’ harnesses unique talents of autistic youth

Extraordinary attention to detail, a very literal mind and the ability to look at things differently are just...

Therapist and four boys on a train
29 March 2018

School holiday group gets out and about

Over the January school holidays, a group of 10 children and young people with disability got out and about...

Girl stands with therapist and mother
28 February 2018

Shona’s standing tall

13 year-old Shona Heard is seeing the world anew thanks to her new sit-to-stand...

An artist who uses a wheelchair smiles next to a large canvas of artwork.
27 February 2018

Art workshops celebrate Disability Awareness Week

Last December, in celebration of Disability Awareness Week, Therapy Focus' Margaret River Team hosted a free...

Young woman in hammock laughing as therapist looks on
26 February 2018

Doors open to South West community

On Friday 23 February around 50 guests came together to celebrate the opening of Therapy Focus’ first...

Young man doing woodwork with older man at Men's Shed
23 February 2018

Mentoring at the Men’s Shed

A group of 18 young men living with intellectual disability have gained vital job skills through a Men’s...

Boy stands on step and celebrates with therapist
22 February 2018

From wheelchair to walking

12 months ago 9 year-old Jaydan was completely dependent on his wheelchair and only just learning to stand...

Boy kicking leg in air with karate instructor
5 February 2018

Lucas the Karate Kid

9-year-old Lucas Hillbeck is taking on school with newfound confidence after receiving a Therapy Focus GIVE...

A young boy walks in leg casts while his therapist watches on.
19 January 2018

Why do kids walk on their toes?

Toe walking is something many children do while learning to walk For some kids, it’s a completely normal...

Maddie and Anthony sit at a table in the garden
1 January 2018

No more fright in the bite

Anthony Koomen loved food as a young child, but when he turned 2 all of a sudden he started experiencing food...

Girl and therapist use hand puppets
19 December 2017

Small steps make a world of difference

Parents always want the best for their kids, but how do you give them the best when life’s given them a...

Man holds trophy as two women look on
18 December 2017

Empowered Through Dance

A dance program being run across Perth is giving adults of all abilities the opportunity to express...

Man with his artwork
13 December 2017

Community art for Disability Awareness Week

In celebration of Disability Awareness Week, Therapy Focus’ Margaret River Team hosted a free art workshop...

Young boy in a drumming social group
6 December 2017

Drumming up teen social skills

Therapy Focus’ Drumbeat group is helping teenagers with disabilities connect with one another and develop...

Autism NZ Lead National Educators with Two Therapy Focus Staff
24 November 2017

New Zealand Exchange Inspires Therapy Focus Staff

In November three Therapy Focus employees travelled to New Zealand as part of an exchange program with the...

Young man giving dance lesson to group of girls
9 November 2017

Liam Dances Up a Storm

18 year-old Liam Byrne has taken on the best of the best in hip hop dancing at an international competition...

Man with therapist holding frozen fish
30 October 2017

Therapy helps crash survivor get back to normal life

A man who was flown to Royal Perth Hospital from Margaret River after a large tree branch fell onto his...

Man sits at table with his therapists
3 October 2017

Team Work Makes the Dream Work for Phillip

With support from both Intelife and Therapy Focus, 19 year-old Phillip Kalimeris has established his own...

Children at Sensorium Theatre’s Sensory Rhyme Time program
1 September 2017

Nursery Rhyme Time Program Hits the Right Note

Some of Therapy Focus’ youngest clients have been developing skills and stretching their imaginations with...

Girl in wheelchair surrounded by family and therapists
30 August 2017

Specialist Support Crosses the Sea

Therapy Focus clinicians are crossing oceans to provide specialist support to children like 7 year-old...

Group of volunteers at TOMS pop up store
30 August 2017

TOMS the perfect fit for Therapy Focus

Launching on Monday 14 August, global giving company TOMS will host a pop-up shop at Westfield Whitford...

Boy in wheelchair surrounded by family and volunteers
30 August 2017

Hristijan’s backyard blitz

Perth based project management company NS Projects has built a custom backyard for 12-year-old Hristijan...

Group of children holding up their illustrations
30 August 2017

Ben Tries to Fly launches from Perth Town Hall

Thursday 24 August saw the annual Therapy Focus Art Competition culminate at Perth Town Hall with the...

Mercedes helps collect honey from the bees in her beekeeper outfit.
19 July 2017

Becoming a Beekeeper: Mercedes’ Story

19-year-old Mercedes, who has spina bifida and autism, successfully applied to the Therapy Focus GIVE Program...

Roisin stands with Ivy Ho and Elaine Bradley.
1 July 2017

Staff celebrated at 19th Anniversary

Tuesday 11 July saw Therapy Focus employees come together at Ambrose Estate to celebrate the organisation’s...

A group of children smile while standing on the back of a fire engine.
21 June 2017

Sunflower Sunday draws bloomin’ big crowd

On Sunday 9 April more than 1500 people descended on Point Walter Recreation Centre to enjoy a day of free...

Locklyn sits in his swing.
19 June 2017

Locklyn’s playground helps him grow

4-year-old Locklyn Sutton’s motor skills have improved beyond expectations since receiving play equipment...

Nate and his big brother Caden
1 June 2017

Special seat brings family together

2-year-old Nate Shaffer has a new view of the world and is spending more quality time with his family thanks...

A transport officer stands in a bus between two women who use wheelchairs.
6 May 2017

Public transport training promotes community inclusion

A first-of-its-kind collaboration between Transperth and Therapy Focus is helping make it safer and easier...

A therapist and boy smiling at each other during a mealtime management service
1 May 2017

Dietitians make healthy eating fun

Support from qualified dietitians who assess nutritional needs, provide dietary advice and develop customised...

Students and therapist engage in Yoga. They stand on mats with their arms raised in the air.
27 April 2017

Yoga group has om-mazing benefits for teens

A relaxation and yoga group run by Therapy Focus’ Joondalup Team is helping teenagers with disabilities...

Jenny sits and cuts resources.
8 April 2017

Jenny’s on track to work

16-year-old Jenny Trac is better equipped to transition from high school to adulthood after completing a...

Liam lays on the reformer while his therapist works with him.
3 April 2017

Pilates reformer helps Liam in more ways than one

A Pilates reformer funded through Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program has kept 17-year-old Liam Hidding on his feet...

Sunny the sunflower says hello to a customer and therapist in front of the Perth Zoo Carousel
28 March 2017

Family Fun Day celebrates People with Disability

The weather couldn't have been better on Saturday 3 December when around 40 families accessing Therapy Focus...

Therapists and young children engage in a story book.
20 March 2017

Playgroup gets kids kindy ready

Therapy Focus’ Kindy Readiness Playgroup is helping prepare children aged 3-5 with disabilities for...

Therapy Focus therapists stand with Good Guys employees and the Hamlin Family.
15 March 2017

Quiet Hour a success with shoppers

The Hamlin Family had a wonderful experience at Good Guys store during Quiet Hour...

Breanna sits at her desk on her computer. She is surrounded by t-shirts and printing supplies.
7 March 2017

Variety Scholarship helps business blossom

Thanks to a Variety Scholarship, Breanna has set up her own print and design business...

Cody and his therapist sit together and interact with some sensory toys.
2 March 2017

Early intervention a great support in the South West

With recent expansion in delivering services to the South West of Western Australia customer Cody experiences...

Two therapy focus therapists stand either side of the board director.
28 February 2017

2017 New Zealand Exchange Program

Therapy Focus clinicians Lauren Redman and Natalie Elias visit Autism New Zealand’s North Island offices to...

Noah sits in his car seat in the car. He is smiling at the camera. The car has a grey interior.
18 February 2017

New wheels a weight off family’s shoulders

Noah now has better access to the community thanks to a newly modified wheelchair van, funded by the Therapy...

Theodore rides his bike and is accompanied by mum Sharon and his therapist next to a park.
8 February 2017

Theo’s Telethon Trike

Theo can now enjoy getting out and about in the community with his family, thanks to a customised bike from...