Lucas rides on thanks to GIVE

By Tessa Harding

Brand Engagement Manager

An electric bike funded by Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program is giving Lucas Hillbeck newfound independence and the chance to go riding with his family.

Lucas, 12, has an intellectual disability, severe speech and language disorder, Apraxia and Dyspraxia. He needs 1-1 support for daily living activities and requires the use of an iPad and iPhone to help him communicate.

Whilst Lucas loves going on bike rides with his family, he could only ride short distances and struggled to ride up the hills near his house. As a result, his parents were constantly getting on and off their bikes to help him, and Lucas wasn’t enjoying learning how to ride.

The family felt that an electric bike would help improve Lucas’ ability to ride further distances, and increase his enjoyment of bike rides with family and friends.

Lucas on his electric bike by the river

Pictured: Lucas

“We wanted to increase Lucas’ independence and encourage him to take part in physical activity rather than play on his iPad,” Lucas’ mum Stephanie said.

We knew that an electric bike would greatly increase Lucas’ enjoyment of bike riding, leading to more opportunities for outdoor, physical and social activities.

The family applied to Therapy Focus’ charitable program, the GIVE Program, and received grant to purchase a lightweight electric bicycle called a Ryder Zycle.

Since receiving the bike, Stephanie has seen a significant change in Lucas’ self-esteem.

“Lucas now has much more motivation to ride his bike and is enjoying himself much more than before. He is more capable and confident and we’ve really been enjoying our bike rides together as a family.”

“The bike seat is currently on the lowest setting, so we are confident that the bike will be able to progress with him as Lucas grows and his skills develop. It’s given us all a lot of excitement about future family activities.”

Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program is made possible by generous donations from the WA community. Learn more about the GIVE Program here.

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