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Specialist Services

In addition to our comprehensive therapy services, we offer assessment, advice and support for a range of specialist areas. We also offer training opportunities and therapy services for schools. 


Young girl laughing

Our qualified therapists can conduct assessments to identify delays and difficulties in developmental areas.

Autism assessments

Child being assessed by two therapists

An assessments to determine whether an individual meets the criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Autism Services and Support

Child and therapist playing with lego

Comprehensive services and support for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

Behaviour Support

Therapist talking with parent

Our Behaviour Support Team help individuals and families manage and prevent challenging behaviours.

Continence Support & Toilet Training

Continence Nurse speaking to child

Our PEBBLES Team provide specialist advice and support for bladder and bowel health issues, incontinence and toilet training. 

Meal Time Management

child eating food with therapist looking on

Our MEAHLS Team provide specialist advice and support for feeding concerns such as dysphagia and mealtime management.


Dietitian helping a boy make a sandwich

Our dietitians help manage and prevent poor nutrition by assessing and supporting dietary needs.


Psychologist speaking with a lady

Our psychologists help individuals and families work through any social, emotional or mental health difficulties they are facing.

Support Coordination

Therapy Focus therapist talking with a young man

Assistance to implement the supports outlined in an individual’s NDIS plan, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports.

Equipment & Assistive Technology

child using communication device with help from a therapist

Our therapists prescribe, source and identify funding options for equipment and assistive technology solutions.

Home Modifications

Our experienced occupational therapists and project officers specialise in complex home modifications for people living with disability. 

Services for Schools

Little boy drawing with therapist

We offer a range of services for schools that support the development of speech, language and motor skills in primary students. 

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