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Services for Older Adults


We offer continence assessment and management services for older adults, including those with disability.

Bladder and Bowel Health

Our Bladder and Bowel Health Program focuses on prevention and management of bladder and bowel health issues, with our qualified health professionals providing advice, assessment and continence management strategies.

One in three Australians are affected by bladder and bowel issues, and incontinence is the third highest reason for older Australians leaving their home prematurely to seek residential aged care. However, more than 70% of bladder and bowel issues can be cured or made significantly better by making small changes to your daily routine.

How we can help

As part of our Bladder and Bowel Health Program, we offer:

  • Advice and support from qualified healthcare professionals with more than 20 years’ experience in aged and community care
  • A home visiting continence advisory service for eligible community aged care customers
  • Comprehensive continence assessments, including urine testing and bladder scans
  • Management strategies for constipation, incontinence and other bladder and bowel issues
  • Incontinence product information
  • Education and training for individuals, carers, healthcare professionals and support workers

Home Care Package Services

We offer continence assessment and management services for people receiving high level Home Care Packages.

These services are for people who are unable to attend hospital-based continence offices and/or those who do not meet the eligibility criteria for other services.

Our home care package services include:

  • Comprehensive bladder, bowel and continence assessment including urinalysis, bladder scan and assessment of bladder and bowel function
  • Development of continence care plans
  • Advice and prescription of incontinence products

Services can be provided in the comfort of your home, or in our offices.

We work in partnership with our customers, their carers and service providers (where appropriate) to develop and monitor continence related goals.

Information and advice

For some people it takes great courage to talk about bladder or bowel health issues. Our experienced advisors provide reassurance to anyone who calls our service, providing information and advice for managing bladder and bowel health issues.

Some of the topics we can provide advice for include:

  • Assessment of bladder and bowel health issues
  • Information about the types of issues, including urgency, frequency, nocturia and pelvic organ prolapse
  • Preventative strategies to ensure good bladder and bowel health
  • Healthy bladder and bowel habits, including exercises, diet and fluid intake
  • Managing the effect of other diseases and conditions on incontinence
  • Selection and use of incontinence aids and products
  • Referral to local continence services

Changes in bladder and bowel health can sometimes be due to serious illness. To rule this out we recommend that any health concerns are discussed with your health care provider.

Catheter Competency Training

Sometimes people need the use of an indwelling urinary catheter to promote optimal bladder health. We offer comprehensive training that incorporates both theory and practice to achieve catheterization procedure competency.

Participants will complete practical assessments for male, female and Supra-pubic catheter insertion on our state of the art, life-like, simulated pelvic model.

*Please note – this training is only available to registered and enrolled nurses.

For more information and to book your training session, please call 1300 135 373.

Accessing our service

Our services are available to people accessing the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, Community Home Care Packages, Short Term Restorative Care Programmes and can be privately purchased. Contact us today for more information.