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Kindy Screening Program

Supporting school-readiness in children aged 0-5.

Did you know...

Research suggests that while 65% of children starting school were ready to learn, 35% needed early intervention to support their schooling performance.* 

School-based screenings are an efficient and low-cost way of identifying challenges students may be facing in the classroom. The findings can help teachers and parents better understand a child’s needs and inform additional supports, such as early intervention services.

*Currie, 2000

School Screening Services

At Therapy Focus, our experienced Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists conduct school-based screenings at kindergartens, schools and childcare centres throughout Perth and in the South West region. 

Screenings are play-based and child-led and have been developed by our senior clinicians in line with Australian standardised testing. Through clinical observation and consultation with teachers and parents, screenings not only capture how a child presents at the time of observation, but also the environments, interactions, and tasks they experience daily.

Short screening reports are provided to the school/centre as well as the parents and caregivers of each child. The findings in these reports help ensure that children are receiving adequate support to learn key skills and achieve their developmental milestones.

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A Therapist modelling the letter O with a young boy

Speech & Language Screenings

Our Speech Pathologists can identify difficulties in the following areas: 

  • Understanding and following instructions, active listening and recalling information
  • Articulation, fluency and voice
  • Limited vocabulary, poor grammar and sentence structure 
  • Social and emotional development 
  • Recognising letters, numbers and shapes (5 year-olds only)
      A therapist holding up cards with faces while a young boy points at one

      Developmental Screenings

      Our Occupational Therapists can identify developmental difficulties in the following areas:  

      • Paying attention, following instructions, decision-making and problem-solving
      • Self-care (dressing, toileting, mealtime skills)
      • Fine and gross motor skills 
      • Social skills, sensory regulation and emotional processing
      • Visual perception

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        For more information or to book a screening at your kindy, school or childcare centre, call us on 130 135 373 or complete an enquiry form.