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Early Childhood Intervention

(0-6 years)

Support for babies and young children with disability and developmental delay to achieve key milestones in the vital early stages of life.

What is early childhood intervention?

Learning and development happen quickly in a child’s early years and can affect how they will learn and develop later in life. Early childhood intervention can help give infants and young children with disability and/or developmental delay the best start in life by helping them develop the skills they need to take part in everyday activities and be included in family and community life. The support received early on can potentially reduce the amount of support required in later life.

Our Early Intervention Services

We offer early childhood intervention services for infants and children aged from 0 up to the age of 7 with disability and/or developmental delays. Our experienced therapists help children learn key skills and achieve developmental milestones.

Early childhood intervention is not just for the child, but for the family as a whole. Our therapists work alongside families, providing the skills and support needed to improve a child’s well-being, increase their independence and promote participation in everyday activities.

Services are tailored to the unique needs of each child and can be provided at home, school, in our offices and in community settings. They can also be provided online and over the phone via teletherapy.

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We use a Key Worker model to ensure the people we work with have one main contact, but access to a network of therapists who work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and skills across disciplines to ensure your child gets the best possible support.

Our therapy teams include:

A baby with Down Syndrome with a therapist during a early childhood intervention session

How we can help

We provide support for key developmental areas, including:

  • Communication
  • Mobility and movement
  • Self-care (e.g. toileting, washing, hygiene)
  • Social skills, play and relationships
  • Feeding and mealtimes
  • Sleep
  • Development of routines
  • Kindy and school readiness
  • Sensory and emotional regulation

Our Specialist Services

Positive Behaviour Report icon

Positive Behaviour Support

Support to address inappropriate, challenging or unsafe behaviour.

Continence and Toilet Training icon

Continence and Toilet Training

Support for bladder and bowel health issues, incontinence and toilet training.

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Autism Assessments

Providing the gold standard in Autism assessments.

Complex Communication icon

Complex Communication

Communication systems and solutions (e.g. AAC) for children and adults with complex communication needs.

Assistive Technology icon

Assistive Technology

Prescription of assistive technology and equipment that promotes independence and participation.

Home Modifications icon

Home Modifications

Advice and support to improve the comfort and safety of your home.

A mother with her baby sitting next to a therapist

We're stronger together

At Therapy Focus, we believe that teamwork is vital to achieving positive outcomes. Our therapists not only work with the child, they also work with the key people in their life. This includes family, carers, educators and other health professionals. We work to empower people by providing practical advice and strategies that develop skills, build on strengths and grow potential.

Accessing our services

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State-Funded Disability Services

We’re a contracted provider for the WA State Government’s Department for Communities, Disability Services.

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As a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, we can help you make the most of your NDIS Plan.

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Private Services

Not eligible for government funding? We can provide a customised quote based on your needs. Private health rebates apply to some services.

How we work

We take a transdisciplinary approach to service delivery and use a Key Worker model to ensure the people we work with have one main contact, but access to a network of therapists.