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Clinical Studies

By participating in clinical studies, you can help advance disability research and access extra support.

Current Studies

11 May 2022

Caregiver Experiences of Transporting Children with Disabilities and/or Medical Conditions

Researchers from Curtin University are gathering Caregiver Experiences of Transporting Children with...

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21 March 2022

Adults with Autism and Physical Activity

Researchers from Curtin University are assessing physical activity and rest patterns of autistic adults and...

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7 February 2022

Help assess sleep in children both with and without cerebral palsy

Researchers from Curtin University are assessing sleep biomechanics in typically developing children and...

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29 November 2021

Help test an assessment of functioning for school-aged children on the Autism Spectrum

Researchers from Curtin University are testing a parent-report assessment of functioning tool for children...

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21 October 2021

Supporting the needs of families of children with chronic conditions

Researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute want to hear from parents of children who have special health...

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19 October 2021

Insomnia management strategies for adolescents with autism

Researchers from the University of Western Australia are seeking the help of 6 people to form a reference...

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5 August 2021

Preferences towards identity-first versus person-first language regarding disability

The University of Western Australia, Curtin University and Telethon Kids Institute are conducting a study...

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26 July 2021

Comparing the activity patterns of autistic adults and those not on the autism spectrum

This study examines the patterns and volumes of physical activity and sedentary behaviour of autistic and...

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12 July 2021

ParentWorks Spectrum: An integrated parenting program for children with autism

Participate in this study which examines the effectiveness of a brief parenting program ParentWorks Spectrum...

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15 June 2021

Understanding Camouflaging/Masking in Autistic Adults

A study aimed at better understanding the psychological and social experiences that may affect...

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As one of Australia’s leading disability service providers, Therapy Focus is often approached by students and researchers seeking participants for studies that target people with disability, their families and carers. We promote studies where ethics approval is provided by a recognised tertiary body or Government agency.