Autistic teens and social skill programs

By Curtin University

You are invited to participate in a new study undertaken by the Curtin Autism Research Group (CARG), aiming to understand how Autistic teens perceive social skills and the programs targeting them. With your help, CARG hopes to brainstorm ideas about improving the content and home practices of future programs targeting social skills, making them more relevant to the needs of Autistic youth.

What does participation involve?

Autistic teens aged 14 to 18 years are required to attend a focus group held with 4 to 8 attendees, or a 1:1 interview (your choice) lasting no longer than 120 minutes, with multiple short breaks.

Where and when will this be held?

The session can be held either in person at a place of your convenience or online via Microsoft Teams. The focus group session can be facilitated after school hours or at weekends.


Your valuable ideas can support CARG in developing a social skills group program that is relevant for Autistic teens. We will reimburse you for the time you kindly volunteered.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in participating email PhD Student Benjamin Jones at [email protected]


(This study has been approved by the Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HRE2017-0245).