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Functional Capacity Assessments

Our experienced therapists conduct functional capacity assessments to ensure you have access to the right level of support.

Helping identify strengths, challenges, and potential.

Our functional capacity assessment services help people access the NDIS by giving further information and evidence as to why a person may need support.

While a functional capacity assessment is not mandatory for funding, it is a significant and valuable part of the NDIS. Its purpose is to assess an individual’s abilities when carrying out daily activities within their home, workplace and community settings.

The NDIS may request a functional capacity assessment when you first enter the scheme to provide detailed information about your current and future anticipated needs. A functional capacity assessment may also be required if there have been significant changes to your circumstances and needs.

Ensuring your support needs

A functional capacity assessment reviews areas including communication, social interaction, learning, mobility and self-care. The individual’s goals and aspirations are also factored into the assessment process to ensure a suitable level of support.

We provide a comprehensive report that outlines the amount of assistance a person needs to participate in activities, with recommendations around equipment, home modifications or assistance from others.

What the assessment covers

  • Assesses a person’s ability to perform daily living tasks including communication and mobility
  • Helps identify the person’s needs such as therapy, equipment, home modifications or assistance from others
  • Helps determine if an individual meets the eligibility criteria for NDIS funding
  • Assists in setting goals and objectives to improve independence and wellbeing
  • Assessment results help NDIS Planners create your NDIS plan

    Need to access the NDIS?

    A functional capacity assessment is a critical step in the NDIS application process. It helps ensure that people with disability receive the appropriate support and services tailored to their unique needs.