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Tele-Transition Program

An online program for neurodiverse teens and young adults.

Supporting the transition from adolescence to adulthood

Transitioning from adolescence to adulthood is a big change for everyone, but it can be particularly challenging for young people who are neurodiverse or have disability.

Our Tele-Transition Program was developed in partnership with Curtin University and is the first of its kind in Western Australia. The innovative online program aims to empower young adults aged 15-35 to increase their independence and develop key skills as they enter adulthood.

What's involved?

Usually delivered online over a three to six-month period, the Tele-Transition Program includes self-directed learning modules, peer group sessions and individual mentoring sessions, all facilitated by qualified therapists.

Group sessions explore key life areas such as employment, finances, and relationships, whilst individual mentoring sessions support participants to explore what is important to them, and help them achieve their goals.

Participants with Year 11/12 literacy will get the most out of this program. A pre-program screening session will help determine suitability.

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Learning modules include:

  • Becoming an Adult
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Finances
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Leisure
  • Relationships

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