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Speech & Language Screenings

School-based screenings for children aged 0-5.

Laying the foundations

Learning and development happen quickly in a child’s early years. Research has shown that brain development between the ages of 0-5 lays the foundation for language and literacy development, emotional well-being and cognitive abilities.  

Research has also found that around 5-8% of preschool children have language delays. Without early intervention, these delays can continue into adulthood and potentially affect reading and writing, academic performance, employment opportunities and social relationships. 

Speech Pathology Screening Service

Speech and language screenings are an efficient and low-cost method of identifying difficulties early on and potentially reducing the amount of support required in later life.  

Our experienced Speech Pathologists conduct school-based Speech and Language Screenings at kindergartens, schools and childcare centres throughout Perth and the South West region. 

Using the Preschool Language Scales 5th Edition Screening Test, which is an Australian standardised test for children aged 0-7, our Speech Pathologists are able to identify difficulties and provide recommendations for additional support and intervention. 

Speech and language screenings identify difficulties in the following areas: 

  • Pronunciation and omitting or replacing sounds (e.g. using “wat” for “rat”)
  • Stuttering and repetition of sounds, words or phrases
  • Understanding and following instructions, active listening and recalling information
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Poor grammar and sentence structure
  • Social and emotional development
  • Recognising letters, numbers and shapes (5 year-olds only)

Enquire now

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      What does a screening involve?

      The screening process takes 20 minutes per child and will take place onsite at your school, kindy or childcare centre. Children are seen individually by our Speech Pathologist, who will conduct informal observations and testing to determine if the child’s skills are within or below the level expected for their age. 

      We ask that centres/schools provide parents and caregivers with a copy of our Parent Information Sheet, which includes a consent form they can sign and return. These consent forms will need to be returned to us one week prior to the screening.

      Screening reports & next steps

      A short screening report will be provided to your school/centre and the parents/caregivers of each child. If a child shows difficulties in any areas or their scores are not age-appropriate, we will contact their teacher to discuss potential support options. This could include a more comprehensive assessment or early intervention services.  

      Therapy Focus offers comprehensive early intervention services, which can be delivered at home, school or from one of our clinic locations. We believe that collaboration with families and education staff is vital to achieving the best outcomes for each child. 

      Book a screening

      For more information or to book a screening at your school, kindergarten or childcare centre, call us on 1300 135 373 or submit an enquiry.