Returning to the workforce as a young mum

By Therapy Focus

For many mothers, the right time to return to work after having a child differs from person to person.  It can be a highly emotional and stressful time as mothers grapple with feelings of guilt about leaving their child in someone else’s care and questioning their skills and ability to transition back into the workforce after a hiatus.

Stephanie sits at a table and talks with a young customer. Stephanie has blonde hair and wears purple top and black cardigan.

Pictured: Advanced Speech Pathologist and Team Leader Stephanie Robinson with a customer.

It can be helpful for those considering returning to work after having a break to raise a family to talk to others who have done this. Stephanie Robinson, Advanced Speech Pathologist and Team Leader at Therapy Focus shares what enticed her to return to work after being on parental leave for 12 months.

“I wasn’t actively looking for work, but a friend approached me asking if I’d be interested in a job.  I knew I could be swayed if the organisation was able to offer the ability to work close to home and had a flexible work arrangement.”

Her new employer, Therapy Focus, was able to offer her a position as a Speech Pathologist working two days a week. This provided her with a gradual transition back into the workforce but also allowed her to spend time with her then one-year-old and three-year-old children.

“Therapy Focus was great, not only did they provide me with the flexibility I needed as a mother of young children, but they also supported me to progress my career.  In many organisations, your career plateau’s if you work part-time but I have been able to advance into more senior roles and I am now a Team Leader and Speech Pathologist” Stephanie said.

Stephanie slowly transitioned back to full-time work as her family situation changed but is still supported by flexible working arrangements to ensure she can do school drop-offs and attend important school events.

Stephanie plays with a customer.

As a mum returning to work, there are a few tips that can help ensure you choose the right employer for you.

  • Define what your career and personal life goals are. This will help determine if the potential employer can help you achieve them.
  • Look for an organisation whose values align with your own. This will ensure you feel comfortable in your new environment.
  • Have a list of non-negotiables so you are able to rule out any jobs or employers that don’t meet the criteria.

Therapy Focus is WA’s leading provider of professional therapy services for people living with disability who believes that every person’s journey should be extraordinary. Therapy Focus is looking for experienced therapists that can bring a level of maturity and capability to the team.  In return, Therapy Focus offers a supportive and flexible environment to enable women to transition back into the workforce.

Ready to start your journey?

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