Clinical Pathways support therapists’ career goals

By Therapy Focus

At Therapy Focus we want everyone’s journey to be extraordinary. We offer fulfilling roles and excellent career development opportunities that are supported by our Clinical Pathways framework. Our diverse customer base enables therapists to specialise in particular areas of interest, while also working with a varied caseload. Here you can look forward to a variety of work that will challenge and stimulate you.

As a new physiotherapist graduate, Yashni Patel felt it was important she found an employer that would give her the opportunity to continue learning and expanding her knowledge. She joined Therapy Focus in February this year and has been able to gain hands on experience across a number of physiotherapy-specific services, as well as multidisciplinary services that help her take a holistic approach to therapy delivery. These services include early childhood intervention, assistive technology assessment and prescription, hydrotherapy, postural assessment, specific physical and gross motor assessments, recording and reporting, key sign language, sensory play and much more.

“The Clinical Pathways framework increases the quality of therapy provided to our customers, but it also ensures I stay stimulated and engaged whilst learning.”

Therapy Focus Graduate Physiotherapist, Yashni Patel

Our Clinical Pathways framework not only supports new graduates starting out in their careers, but ensures therapists of all skill levels and experience continue to develop their knowledge and skillsets throughout their career. By placing emphasis and value on clinical skill development we are also ensuring we continue to deliver high quality services to our customers.

Dan Prigmore has been with Therapy Focus for over seven years and was recently appointed into a Clinical Lead role. Dan says that being provided with time to focus on evidence-based best practice he can ensure our physiotherapists are delivering the best possible services.

“I get to collaborate with the other Clinical Leads and share our learnings promoting transdisciplinary skill development which is exciting.”

Therapy Focus Clinical Lead, Dan Prigmore

In Dan’s previous workplaces there were not clear pathways to support the learning and development of therapists.  He believes that by supporting therapists at all stages of their career, and by allowing them to target their learning and development, they are better able to achieve their career goals.

Looking to take the next step in your careers? At Therapy Focus you’ll be part of an extensive network of talented therapists and have access to clinical mentors. From the day you join us, you feel supported and build strong relationships.

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