Deanne, united by our organisation’s values and shared passion

By Therapy Focus

Deanne Coleman, Advanced Occupational Therapist had an intrinsic drive to join an organisation where she could do meaningful work. She was drawn to Therapy Focus having a strong affinity to the values and purpose. 

Seventeen years on, Deanne reflects on her journey with us and shares why she still feels Therapy Focus is the right organisation for her.

“Over the 17 years I’ve been with Therapy Focus the organisation has seen many changes, especially more recently with the introduction of the NDIS.  It was essential for Therapy Focus to evolve over time to stay relevant and meet the needs of our customers.  I originally joined the organisation as my personal values aligned with the organisation’s values, and while it was necessary for them to be refreshed the core essence of why we are here has not.  Being part of an organisation that emphatically believes every person’s journey should be extraordinary still resonates with me today.”

“I love being part of the team at Therapy Focus and over the 17 years, I’ve worked across many teams.  It’s always the team that makes you smile, you celebrate a customer’s achievement with, and they make coming to work even better.”

As a mum of three, Deanne is grateful for the flexibility working at Therapy Focus allows her so she can also meet her family’s needs alongside supporting her customers.  Therapy Focus is very supportive of mums returning to the workforce offering the ability to work part-time and with 20 locations throughout the metro area, employees can work close to home.

“I felt so honoured to have been nominated for the People’s Choice Award this year.  Knowing that the nominations come from customers, their families and support networks reassures me I’m making a difference in people’s lives and that is what I always set out to do.”

Therapy Focus is WA’s leading provider of professional therapy services for people living with disability who believes that every person’s journey should be extraordinary. Therapy Focus is looking for experienced therapists that can bring a level of maturity and capability to the team. In return Therapy, Focus offers a supportive and flexible environment to enable women to transition back into the workforce.

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