Seth the Sensational Chef

By Therapy Focus

6-year-old Seth is a baker in the making after an amazing school holiday session with his Speech Pathologist Jordan-Tyla Cable and Occupational Therapist Emily Ross!

Seth lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder and experiences speech impairment. He began services in 2020 to help develop his social and communication skills. In one of Seth’s more recent therapy sessions the trio focused on improving Seth’s ability to follow instructions, take turns, make requests, direct the actions of others, regulate emotion, and manage behaviour.

One of the key aims of the session was for Seth to follow instructions to bake a cake, which he did so well, baking might be his calling!

Jordan, Seth and Emily smile and laugh together.

Pictured: Jordan-Tyla Cable (L), Seth and Emily Ross (R).

Jordan-Tyla and Emily helped Seth stay on task by using a visual schedule and verbal prompts, to which Seth responded well.

Seth’s mum Danielle was also in on the action and shared her thoughts on the session.

“This session…showed us how to create communication opportunities and strategies to manage Seth’s behaviour. We have been able to implement these strategies at home and are using visual schedules at home for a lot of our activities.

This helps with encouraging turn-taking with Seth’s sister and managing any meltdowns. Seth has responded really well to this as he needs preparation before a change and needs to know what’s coming or when it’s his turn. Plus, he got to eat cake with awesome therapists. It was such a great session!”

Seth’s speech pathologist, Jordan-Tyla revealed, “Seth has come such a long way since we began our journey together, Emily and I are so proud of him. His family are always looking for ways they can support Seth at home and their hard work and consistency has been the key ingredient to his success. We can’t wait to see what Seth achieves next!”

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