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A social worker standing outside a home with an elderly couple

Social Work

Our social workers help people with disability work through challenges and support overall wellbeing.
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A psychologist speaking with a lady


Our psychologists help people with disability who experience social, emotional and mental health difficulties.
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A boy with dwarphism kicking a soccer ball as a physiotherapist looks on


Our physiotherapists help people with disability maintain or improve their movement and mobility.
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Speech pathologist smiling looking over a boy writing

Speech Pathology

Our speech pathologists support people with disability who have difficulty communicating and swallowing.
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Specialist Services

A young child eating while a therapist looks on

Mealtime support

We support people with disability who have difficulty eating or drinking, or need help during mealtimes.  
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Boy with down syndrome looking at a book with a therapist


We offer a range of assessments that help identify strengths, challenges and potential.
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