Customised Employment Mentoring SessionAugust 28, 2017, 10:30 am - September 21, 2017, 4:30 pm · Therapy Focus · Details

Transition from school to employment is an important step for young people. Service providers are increasingly adopting a Customised Employment approach when supporting young people with disabilities in this transition process.

  • Are you starting this transition process?

  • Have you already started this transition process and would like to brainstorm some other ideas that may be helpful?

  • Have you attended a Customised Employment session previously and have more questions you would like to clarify

Both Therapy Focus clients and members of the public aged 15 years and over are invited to these mentoring sessions to learn about Customised Employment.  Your families, educators and any other adults who are supporting you in this process are welcome in these sessions. Gaelen, from National Disability Services (NDS) is available for these mentoring sessions for a limited amount of time and will be sharing from his experiences.

We encourage you to bring any questions regarding transition to employment to these sessions.

Please note that a minimum of 3 clients and/ or representatives for each session is required for the session to go ahead. 

Please contact Ruth Leong (Adult Services Coordinator) if you have any questions in regards to these mentoring sessions.

Phone: 0417 767 184

Email: ruth.leong@therapyfocus.org.au