If you have any questions, or need help completing your application, call us on 1300 135 373 or email give@therapyfocus.org.au.

Applicant information

The applicant is you, the person completing this application.

Recipient information

The recipient is the person who will benefit from the items/activities requested in this application.

Funding required

This is the amount awarded if your application is successful.

Item description

Please describe the item(s) you are applying for in 150 words or less. EXCLUDED ITEMS: therapy sessions, programs or groups, medication, vehicles and surgery costs.


Please explain how the item(s) support independence, participation and/or social inclusion of the recipient and/or their family in 250 words or less.


At least one quote is required for all items requested. Two quotes are required for items over $2000. Quotes must be issued by the supplier and state the total funds required.

Therapist support letter

Some items require a support letter from a therapist or clinician. View the list of the items.


1. The GIVE Committee reserves the right to deem an application ineligible if:
• The intended recipient is not a Therapy Focus client (active or waitlisted), their parent or carer.
• It does not demonstrate that the requested item(s) support independence, participation and/or social inclusion of a Therapy Focus client and/or their family.
• The application is incomplete.
• A support letter is not provided for items requiring one.
• The clinical rationale provided in the therapist support letter is deemed unsound.
• The requested items can be purchased through Government funding programs and initiatives (i.e. Community Aids and Equipment Program or National Disability Insurance Scheme)
• The recipient has been awarded GIVE Program funding in the last 12 months.
2. Only one application per client will be accepted for each funding round.
3. Clients accessing private services must have attended an appointment within 12 months of applying to the GIVE Program to be considered eligible.
4. Applications received outside the stated funding round time frames will not be accepted for review by the GIVE Committee.
5. Therapy sessions, programs or groups, vehicles, medication and any costs associated with surgery will not be funded by the GIVE Program.
6. Funding will be only be provided for the standard/basic model of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers that are for communication and/or therapeutic purposes.
7. Applications for retrospective funding will be accepted up to 6 months from the date of application.
8. Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application within 2 weeks of a funding round closing.
9. Funding must be spent within 12 months from the date stated on the letter advising a successful application.
Please note that the outcome of your application is not dependent on your consent to publicity.