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Workplace learning leads to library employment

Published 29th March, 2017
18 year-old Lachlan Smart has landed himself a job as a Library Assistant after impressing his future employer during a work placement.

Lachlan, who has autism, loves his job at the Gosnells Knowledge Centre where he can be found cleaning and restocking shelves, and helping customers find books.

“I do the shelving and sort the books by the alphabet. I like looking at the books when I put them away – especially the dinosaur ones,” Lachlan said.

Lachlan’s mum, Jodie said her son was offered the casual position after completing work experience training at school.

“When Lachlan was in Year 10 he participated in his school’s work experience program. With the support of an Education Assistant, Lachlan learnt the basics of the job.  It was then that the library offered him a casual position,” Jodie said.

The City of Gosnells Chief Executive Officer Ian Cowie said the City was very pleased to have Lachlan as part of its library services team.

“Lachlan made such a great impression during a school work experience placement that the City did not hesitate to welcome him as an employee on a casual basis when he finished school,” Ian said.

“He has great enthusiasm and a terrific attitude, and while I’m sure Lachlan has benefited from being in the workplace, his colleagues too have gained significantly from working with him.”

And it seems Lachlan is in high-demand.

“Lachlan was also fortunate to be offered a position at McDonald’s; however his passion is books so this is the path we took,” Jodie said.

Jodie said their family is thrilled that Lachlan has found fulfilling employment to suit his needs.

“Knowing that Lachlan has a purpose every day is extremely important to us.  We are so proud of what he has achieved, and we have comfort and relief in knowing that there is a place for Lachlan in the working world,” Jodie said.

“The people he works with are amazing, each with endless support and patience. This little causal job for Lachlan means the world to him and to us.”

Lachlan also has a paper route which came about from the same work experience program.

Lachlan library

Pictured: Lachlan Smart with his Gosnells Knowledge Centre colleague, Kate. Photo credit: City of Gosnells.

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