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A Volunteers’ Toolkit: fun, purpose and confidence

Published 23rd May, 2018

It’s National Volunteer Week from May 21-27! This year’s theme ‘Give a little. Change a lot.’ Represents the millions of volunteers in our community who make a profound impact in our communities through giving a little of their time.

Santosha Robertson has been involved with Therapy Focus for almost 5 years and has been a regular face at many of our events and activities, including Christmas gift wrapping, Telethon Community Cinemas, dressing as our mascot Sunny the Sunflower, and supporting our PEBBLES Continence Team with resource creation and administrative assistance.

Santosha said she loved seeing the very best in people and her work at Therapy Focus has showcased exactly that.

“It’s great seeing and getting to know people that work for Therapy Focus, other people that volunteer with Therapy Focus and the community that want to donate and give to Therapy Focus,” she said.

Everyone believes in the same objective and enjoys working together to achieve the same goal. The feeling of belonging and working together as an overall group is the best part of volunteering with Therapy Focus.

Santosha Robertson

Over 6 million Australians volunteer across the nation, generously donating their time and skills to make a difference in our community, often to a cause close to their heart or by simply doing something that they love. 

To Santosha, volunteering is an important part of life as it builds relationships and empathy for others. Volunteering her time is a way of giving back and enhancing the lives of other people.

Volunteer story - Santosha

Pictured: Santosha, hard at work at Therapy Focus

“Volunteering is important to me because it makes me feel good, improves my confidence and skill set, creates fun and purpose and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I am helping others,” she said.

“I feel happy when I volunteer.”

At Therapy Focus we are grateful to all of our amazing volunteers who support us in many different ways from our Board of Directors and Parent Reference Group, to our events, administrative tasks and therapy groups. On behalf of Therapy Focus, our staff and the families we work with, thank you for all of your support, Santosha!

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