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Videos offer insight into living with disability

Published 27th October, 2015
A series of videos featuring the personal stories people with disabilities and their families has been launched by Disability Services Commission Board Chair, Mr Bruce Langoulant, at an event on Thursday 22 October.

The video series, called Windows to Our World, sees 15 families share their experiences when their child with a disability was born, their concerns in the early years, and interaction with medical professionals, education and therapy providers.

Mr Langoulant acknowledged the importance of initiatives such as Windows to our World, saying that the video series would provide a valuable source of information for families and help start conversations.

“Even though every journey is unique, learning from others’ experiences can be very valuable,” Mr Langoulant said.

“It’s often through the experiences of others that we find insights on issues we are struggling with ourselves, and can change our perspectives on how we can manage those issues.”

Mr Langoulant also congratulated the families who participated in the video series for speaking openly about their grief, hope, optimism and aspirations for their children.

“I applaud the courage and honesty of the families who told their stories in this important initiative,” Mr Langoulant said.

“It can be difficult to start conversations about the ups and downs felt by parents of children with disability, and as a parent of a wonderful young woman with disability, I can identify with the challenges, fears and joys that I think all families must experience.”

The Windows to our World initiative was facilitated by Developmental Disability WA with support from Therapy Focus, Early Childhood Intervention Australia and Carson Street School for Parents, and was funded by the Disability Services Commission.

A compilation of the videos can be viewed below. Five of the videos, which feature families accessing Therapy Focus services, can be viewed on Therapy Focus’ YouTube channel, or by clicking here.

To view the full series, visit the Developmental Disability WA website at

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