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All workshops and training has been postponed until further notice.

We hold regular workshops and training sessions for parents, carers, health professionals and education staff.

Our experienced therapists develop and deliver educational workshops and training sessions on a range of topics. Sessions aim to support parents and carers of people living with disability, and provide learning and development opportunities for professionals.

Below is a list of workshops and training we are currently offering. Click on the links learn more and register your interest. For more information or to request specific training for your organisation, please contact us.

Two Therapy Focus therapists demonstrating Key Word Sign

Key Word Sign Basics

Learn the basics of Key Word Sign and different methods of communication at this workshop for families, carers, education staff and support workers.

A Therapy Focus therapist showing a stool chart to two children

Children’s Continence

Learn about bladder and bowel health and strategies for supporting toileting at this training session for professionals involved in the care of children.

Therapy Focus therapists using an eye-gaze AAC system with a child in a wheelchair

AAC Training

Increase your knowledge and skills in AAC at our 5 week workshop series for undergraduate and new to sector speech pathologists.