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Services for Schools

We offer a range of services for schools that support the development of speech, language and motor skills in primary students. 

Our qualified therapists conduct comprehensive assessments to identify strength and weakness areas for classes and individual students, and tailor strategies based on the outcomes.

Working closely with teachers and education staff, our therapists then plan and implement programs that support speech and language and motor development in whole class environments or small groups. Outcomes are achieved by providing educators with vital information about speech, language and/or motor skills, as well as practical resources.

Speech and language development

Our screening and profiling assessments identify strengths and weaknesses in students’ speech and language, and assist teachers with planning and implementation of targeted programs where required.

Assessments are conducted by our qualified speech pathologists with reports generated for each student assessed. These reports can be provided to parents, attached to referrals and retained for school records. A summary report is also provided for classes, which can be used to identify target areas and assist with planning.

Our speech and language services are particularly useful for schools who have students who speak English as a second language, and those who are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. They are also beneficial for students who have difficulty accessing ongoing out-of-school support services, and children with multiple areas of need.


Our speech and language screening is a short assessment of a student’s communication skills that identifies speech and language delays/disorders.

As part of the assessment, a speech pathologist will examine: 

  • Understanding of spoken sentences
  • Understanding of language concepts
  • Grammar use
  • Ability to label pictures
  • Ability to see relationships between words 
  • Articulation 
  • Age inappropriate errors in speech 

This assessment requires 20 minutes per student.


Our speech and language profile is a more detailed assessment of a student’s communication skills, which not only identifies speech and language delays/disorders, but also provides a broader picture of the student’s ability to undertake language orientated classroom activities.

As part of the assessment, a speech pathologist will examine the areas outlined above, as well as:

  • Comprehension
  • Ability to retell a narrative 
  • Sentence length and structure
  • Phonological awareness skills

This assessment requires 50 minutes per student. 

Optional feedback meetings are available to school staff to discuss the results of assessments and reports in more detail.

Direct Support

Our speech pathologists can also provide support and deliver therapeutic intervention within schools to help meet student needs. 

Speech pathologists can observe, assess students, consult with teachers, demonstrate strategies within a classroom, and/or conduct therapy with a child. Direct support can be provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as suited to classroom timetables.

Motor skill development

Our occupational therapists work with teachers to implement early intervention programs that assist with the development of motor skills in lower primary students.

Whole class and small group strategies are used to develop sensory, gross, fine and visual motor skills, as well as handwriting and self care skills. Intervention is based on an action learning model where the teachers involved receive tailored and consistent support from an occupational therapist. 

Support can include:

  • Profiling and analysis of students’ motor skills
  • Planning and consultation
  • Development of classroom strategies and activities
  • Re-profiling and analysis of student progress

Professional development workshops

Our therapists also offer professional development workshops, which can be facilitated at schools or at one of our office locations.

We offer a range of prepared presentations on a number of topics or can customise a presentation for your school and staff. Our workshops enrich the knowledge of teachers and education staff, providing them with a platform of knowledge for planning and implementation of strategies.

Contact us today for more information about our school services, or to book an appointment. 

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