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Posture and positioning

Posture is important and changes depending on the activities in our daily routine. We help people with disabilities optimise their positioning to ensure comfort and minimise any risk of injury.

Our physiotherapists and occupational therapists help manage a person’s position for activities within their 24 hour routine such as eating, sleeping, moving and showering. They also support the individual, their family and carers to access assistive technology and equipment that supports posture and positioning. 

Support can include:

  • Assessment of the individual, their environment and functional activity
  • Trial of aids and equipment
  • Provision and setup of equipment
  • Training and education on safe use of equipment
  • Monitoring and review of positioning and equipment
  • Training for safe transfers
  • Supportive therapies such as exercise, stretching and hydrotherapy
  • Referral to specialist services for customised splinting, orthotics, seating and sleep systems
  • Positioning strategies for communication skill development
  • Positioning strategies for participation in play
How we work

Our therapy teams work collaboratively to deliver evidence-based therapy services that help people with disabilities achieve their goals in life.

Service delivery is flexible and tailored to the unique needs of each individual, their family and carers.

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Accessing services

Our services can be accessed through a range of funding options. We can help you find out if you’re eligible and provide further information about the options available.

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