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PEBBLES launches specialist program for bed wetting

Published 24th May, 2016
Therapy Focus’ continence team, PEBBLES, has launched a specialist program for children and young people with disabilities aged 6-16 who experience bed wetting (enuresis).

The 14 week¬†program involves a comprehensive assessment and the implementation of a ‘mat and alarm’ system, which wakes the child when they have a full bladder at night.¬†Specialist Continence Nurses will also conduct regular meetings to provide support, counselling and evaluate how the child is progressing on the program.

For more information or to request a referral please contact Continence Nurse, Bernadette McCrann on 0427 142 038 or email

Please note: children who are taking Minirin medication are not eligible to access the program and day time urinary and bowel symptoms must be resolved or well managed prior to applying.


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