The Power of a Key Worker

By Tania Muscat

Senior Speech Pathologist

What is the Key Worker Model?

At Therapy Focus we use a Key Worker model when delivering therapy services. The model ensures that the individuals and families we work with have one main contact at Therapy Focus, but access to a team of therapists with diverse skills and experience.

Evidence has shown that this way of working leads to the best outcomes for people with disability.

What does a Key Worker do?

A Key Worker or Key Contact is responsible for coordinating a person’s therapy services with the multidisciplinary team supporting them.

The Key Worker establishes a relationship with the customer, getting to know them and the people who form their support network, including family, support workers, and other health professionals. Once they have a good understanding of a person’s needs, a Key Worker can support the development of their therapy goals.

They keep in regular contact with the person receiving therapy services and ensure everyone is kept up-to-date on the progress of goals. They also empower people with disability to engage in therapy and make use of services and supports available to them. They do this by providing information and advice on behalf of the broader therapy team, and assist with the implementation of therapy strategies.

The Key Worker model is particularly beneficial for people who are geographically isolated and may not have access to local services.

Access comprehensive therapy

Our comprehensive therapy services help people with disability achieve their goals at all life stages.