From our Chair and CEO: Winter Update

This is a time like no other. If someone had told me a year ago, that I would be writing to you about a world pandemic, I would not have believed them. However, that is the world we face today.

Along with other disability service providers, Therapy Focus was not immune from the impact the pandemic had. Our teams mobilised, adapted and changed our services. We were able to offer a suite of options for therapy to our customers, whilst ensuring that we protected the health and wellbeing of our community and safeguarded the financial sustainability of our organisation.  This was no mean feat.

Over the last 8 weeks it has been both interesting and gratifying to see how we as a community have adapted to this time of dramatic change. It shows just how resilient and resourceful we are.

We are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and have implemented our phased transition plan. This has seen us slowly and cautiously return to face-to-face session, whilst also ensuring that some of the new and efficient practices we have introduced remain as part of our service offering.

A situation as significant as this has made us aware of areas that we can improve upon, invest in, adapt and change to ensure that Therapy Focus has a strong future.  This has involved a review of our accommodation, work practices and new initiatives to name but a few.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for letting me and our therapy teams be part of your lives, and for reading our updates via email and via our website and social channels. We know that people have been inundated with information and updates over the past couple of months and we thank you for remaining engaged and giving us your unwavering support. Thanks also go to our staff for their resilience and commitment; and the trusted partners we have in WA schools, National Disability Services, Minister Stephen Dawson, and my colleagues across the sector. And lastly, thank you to the chemist for not running out of hair dye to cover my rapidly greying hair!

WA is truly remarkable. Perth comes together as one village and I feel we have won the lottery. Not only for living in a country such as Australia, but here in WA and in Perth we are truly fortunate.

Take care,

Angelena Fixter
Therapy Focus CEO

Therapy Focus Board Chair, Fiona Payne has shared her quarterly update via video on behalf our Board of Directors.