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Occupational therapy gets Jenny back to business

Published 26th June, 2017
65-year-old Jenny Fowler has her tutoring business, JAF Tutoring, up and running again with help from her occupational therapist, after a lengthy hospital stay had her out of work for 12 months.


Jenny, who has multiple sclerosis, came out of hospital in January motivated to re-start her business as a private English tutor for primary and high school students. Therapy Focus Occupational Therapist Olov Falkmer said Jenny was passionate about getting her business back on track, but needed some support to take the steps required.

“My role was to support Jenny in setting realistic goals and developing strategies to help her reach these goals,” Olov said.

“We drew up a ‘staircase’ of steps Jenny would need to take, beginning with obtaining a Working with Children Check, then designing a flyer and developing a client base.”

After 37 years as a primary school teacher, Jenny began tutoring from home in 2014 when limited mobility and fatigue made travelling to and from work difficult.

“Working with kids and helping them improve their English has always been a great passion of mine and I didn’t want to give that up. Through tutoring I’ve helped children achieve great improvements in their marks and seen their overall confidence improve as a result,” Jenny said.

For Jenny, working with her therapy team made a big difference to the approach she took to her business.

“I used to struggle with knowing which steps to take and in what order.”

“Working with Olov gave me the tools I needed to redevelop my business from scratch and work my way up to bringing in clients.”

With Jenny now working with her first client, she has achieved all her therapy goals and will continue to work on her business independently.

“Jenny has always had the confidence, I merely provided her with a way of structuring her progress and focusing on the small steps that will lead her to achieving her big goals,” Olov said.

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Jenny and her occupational therapist working on her lesson plan

Pictured: Therapy Focus Occupational Therapist Olov Falkmer with Jenny Fowler

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