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GIVE helps Lilyan tune into her future

Published 1st September, 2015
15-year-old Lilyan Smith is focused on the path to stardom thanks to her new Phonak’s Roger Focus and Pen FM Hearing System, which was purchased through Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program.

Lilyan was one of 14 Therapy Focus clients awarded a share of $20,000 through the Program, which aims to support independence, participation and social inclusion of people with disabilities and their families. Lilyan received a $5000 grant to purchase the amplification system, which will help combat the auditory processing difficulties she experiences as a result of her Autism.

Whilst Lilyan has normal hearing, her brain has difficulty processing information, meaning she is easily distracted and finds it difficult to understand and retain information in class. Lilyan has noticed a big difference since she started using the Phonak’s device, saying that it helps her to stay focused in the classroom where there is a lot of competing background noise.

“My concentration has really improved and I can understand what my teachers are saying much better, especially in a noisy classroom.”

The Phonak’s hearing device is comprised of two parts: a Roger Pen and Roger Focus. The teacher wears the Roger Pen microphone, while Lilyan wears a very discreet Roger Focus behind-the-ear receiver in each ear. The microphone clarifies the teacher’s words before sending the instructions directly to the receivers in Lilyan’s ears, minimizing any distracting background noise.

The amplification system is also wireless and uses Bluetooth technology; allowing Lilyan to connect it to multiple devices in different learning environments. This versatility is appreciated by Lilyan, who says “I love using it to listen to music on my iPad.”

In addition to helping with her schoolwork, the system has also helped Lilyan with her music. A talented singer, Lilyan is a member of the Variety Youth Choir and is currently completing a Certificate 2 in Performing Arts. She has her heart set on studying a Certificate 4 in Musical Theatre next year, so the GIVE grant has come at a good time.

“I can now hear the conductor over the music which makes it a lot easier to follow along with what’s happening” Lilyan said.

Are you a family receiving Therapy Focus services and wish to apply to our GIVE Program? Applications for the third round of funding are now open!

For more information and to download an application form, visit our GIVE Program page.

Lilyan Smith

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