Theo’s Telethon Trike

By Indi Fillery

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

4-year-old Theodore Legg can now enjoy the community with his family and friends thanks to his customised trike from Telethon.

Theo has autism and a genetic disorder, which causes muscle weakness and makes it difficult for him to participate in activities without assistance. Theo’s mum, Sharon said that his health issues had limited his ability to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle with his family.

Theodore rides his bike and is accompanied by mum Sharon and his therapist. They are moving through a park on a pathway.

Pictured: Theodore Legg, Sharon and Occupational Therapist Shanae Guppy.

“Theo’s medical needs have taken priority in his life and it’s meant that he has missed out some experiences,” Sharon said.

“Since Theo received his bike our family has been able to spend more time outdoors which has been great. Theo loves to ride his bike and wave at the passing trucks, cars and buses which is wonderful to see.”

Theo sits on his bike and is smiling.

Pictured: Theodore Legg

The kitted-out set of wheels has adjustable handlebars, a backrest with chest strap and foot cups to provide Theo with the postural support he needs to ride. There are also rear steering controls for Sharon to give Theo a push when needed.

As a beneficiary of Telethon, Therapy Focus receives a portion of the funds raised during the Telethon Weekend each year to support WA children with disabilities. For more information about Telethon and the beneficiaries visit

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