Locklyn’s playground helps him grow

By Indi Fillery

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

4-year-old Locklyn Sutton’s motor skills have improved beyond expectations since receiving play equipment through Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program.

Locklyn has a number of physical and sensory difficulties which have severely impacted his development. Therapy Focus Occupational Therapist, Sharon Hedley said that previously Locklyn had struggled to engage in any sort of play which was concerning for his development.

Locklyn sits in his swing.

Pictured: Locklyn Sutton

“Play is how children develop motor skills. We knew that we had to find something Locklyn enjoyed to motivate him to try exploratory play,” Sharon said.

Given Locklyn’s love of the outdoors, Sharon assisted the Sutton family to apply for a $5000 GIVE grant to purchase a specialised swing, play equipment and rubber matting.

“We chose equipment that would help Locklyn with his development including his growth, fine motor skills, ability to share and general learning,” Sharon said.

Locklyn’s Grandmother Julie said that having the play equipment at home means that Locklyn finally has somewhere to play safely.

“It’s a place of his own. He really loves being outside and he’s so much safer now thanks to the rubber matting and the belted swing,” Julie said.

Since receiving the play equipment, Locklyn’s motor skills have improved.

“Locklyn had a difficult start but with his grandma’s support and his new playground he’s really grown and developed beyond what we could have hoped for him,” Sharon said.

And what does Locklyn think of his new backyard playground?

“Locklyn loves it – he heads straight towards it whenever he can!” Julie said.

“We’ve installed a shade sail so he can play all-year-round. He’s going to get a lot of use out of it.”

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