Keith’s hoisted to independence

By Therapy Focus

Keith enjoys fishing, photography and watching his favourite footy team, St Kilda. Over the course of his life, degenerative changes in his cervical and lumbar spine have limited his mobility, making everyday tasks like getting out of bed in the morning quite a challenge. Keith knew there must be an easier way to begin his day, and so he turned to the expertise of Jessica Mahon, Senior Occupational Therapist at Therapy Focus.

During their first few appointments, Jessica listened to Keith’s goals and they worked together to develop a personalised therapy plan to help him achieve his desired outcomes. One of Keith’s goals was to be able to easily transfer between his bed, wheelchair and commode throughout the day.

Jessica and Keith agreed that a standing hoist would support Keith’s therapy goal.  To ensure Keith’s application to the NDIS for specialised equipment was approved, Jessica and Keith physically trialled a range of standard standing hoist options at Keith’s home.  By going through this process, Jessica was able to demonstrate the benefits and suitability of Keith’s preferred piece of equipment in the NDIS application.

Keith was ecstatic when he received the good news that his application for the standing hoist had been approved. He has been using the hoist for approximately 12 months now and says he is able to transfer between daily tasks quickly and pain-free, giving him greater independence.

“My day is a lot easier, now I have the hoist”

Keith has not looked back since working with Jessica. The dynamic duo is continuing to work together on more applications for specialist equipment to enable further independence and participation for Keith in his everyday life.

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