GIVE helps Zaki stroll with his baby bro

By Tessa Harding

Brand Engagement Manager

Two-year-old Zakariya Hashi is now able to go for walks in comfort with his new baby brother thanks to a grant from Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program.

Zaki has some developmental difficulties and is working with his Therapy Focus therapy team to achieve goals relating to mobility and positioning. When in a sitting position Zaki requires supports to help maintain head control and a good seated posture.

In early 2018, the Hashi family received a specialised stroller and seating system through the State Government’s Community Aids and Equipment Program (CAEP), which allows Zaki’s family to take him to and from appointments and access the community, as well as provide safe seating for mealtimes.

But with a new baby arriving in early 2018 and a car boot that couldn’t accommodate two strollers, the Hashi family applied to Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program for a sibling seat that can be attached to Zaki’s stroller, as well as a shade cover to protect Zaki and his baby brother Zubeyr from the sun.

Zaki’s Therapy Focus Occupational Therapist Melissa Athanassiou said she was really happy to see the stroller and attachments making life a little easier for the family of six.

“The stroller and seating system are vital to providing Zaki with a safe seated position for mealtimes and play, as well as allowing his family to go out into the community with less difficulty.”

Melissa Athanassiou

“Zaki also has a cortical visual impairment and is sensitive to light, so the additional attachments ensure Zaki and his new sibling are protected from the sun.”

Zaki’s father, Abdifatah Hassan said that although the family hadn’t had the stroller for very long, it had been very helpful to his son.

“The stroller and seating unit has helped him quite well and in the short time he’s had it, he’s really enjoyed it,” he said.

Two young children sit in a double stroller.

Pictured: Zaki (L) sits in his stroller with his brother Zubeyr (R)

“So far he’s really enjoyed using the stroller and we are looking forward to taking Zaki out more to see the world around him.”

Mr Hassan said the GIVE Program was important because people would be able to access items that better their lives.

“In the future, I just want Zaki to be happy, helped and loved,” he said.

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