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Jennifer takes Year 12 head on

Published 29th May, 2017

Year 12 student Jennifer Cartwright has been elected Head Girl of Southern Hills Christian College.

Jennifer, who accesses services from Therapy Focus, won over staff and students alike when she nominated herself for the role earlier this year.

“I was acting as Deputy Head Girl at the beginning of the year and then this month our pastor Mr. O’Brian asked if I would like to be Head Girl” said Jennifer.

“I had to write an application, which was endorsed by one of my teachers. Then I was interviewed by the school chaplain and two other teachers.”

Jennifer is a highly involved member of her school community, with singing and dancing among her favourite co-curricular activities. She also has a strong history of stepping up to leadership roles, having volunteered in her community throughout high school, and being a Squad Leader in her local cadets group.

“Being a Squad Leader for Emergency Services Cadets involves a lot of responsibilities with the younger kids and also assisting the teachers and volunteers with planning and running activities. I’ve been doing cadets since Year 7 so I’ve had a lot of experience working with people and have learnt a lot about leadership.”

Along with a committee of her peers, Jennifer is excited to be taking on the Head Girl role in her final year of schooling and is looking forward to making a positive change in her school community.

“I really want the Leadership Team to work together to represent the students to the staff and the Principal. I’m excited to be involved in organising events and speaking at our assemblies and school functions.”    

Southern Hills Projects and Initiatives Manager Giles Creelman congratulated Jennifer on the role, saying she personifies the College values.

“We encourage every student to get involved and challenge themselves however they can. Jennifer has done this exceptionally well and has been a very active member of our community over her high school career. We’re excited to see what she and the Leadership Team will achieve,” said Giles.

“Southern Hills is constantly striving to create the most inclusive environment for our students and staff. We have students of differing abilities, cultural backgrounds and faiths which we’re proud to have together in such a cohesive school community.”

Jennifer Cartwright


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