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Isaac takes on the Ultimate Challenge

Published 9th February, 2017
Last November, 15 year-old Isaac Cramp boarded the Leeuwin ship to take part in a five-day ocean adventure known as the ‘Ultimate Challenge’, which is specifically designed for young people with disabilities.

During his time aboard the Leeuwin, Isaac and his shipmates were kept busy looking after the vessel, learning sailing skills and participating in fun team activities such as a mini Olympics.

Leeuwin Ultimate Challenge

Therapy Focus Physiotherapist Ollie Thomas praised the  program for the valuable skills it teaches participants.

“The Ultimate Challenge is a terrific program. It gives participants the opportunity to make new friends, work as part of a team, learn to follow routines and instructions and learn new skills such as setting sails, steering the ship, climbing masts and standing watch. It’s also great for their confidence,” Ollie said.

Isaac’s mum, Leonie, said Isaac had never been on a boat before the challenge.

“Isaac was really nervous but once we go to the dock his excitement took over and he was happy to board,” Leonie said.

“I was thrilled for him.  I felt the opportunity would help him grow and give him a life experience he could talk about long after.”

Leeuwin Ultimate Challenge

And it seems the five-day journey was the positive experience Leonie hoped for.

“To see the smile on Isaac’s face when the Leeuwin docked was a proud moment,” Leonie said.

“Isaac was on Cloud 9 and he was absolutely glowing with joy.  He was so excited to take us on a tour of the ship and talked nonstop all the way home. His cousin Kayley even wrote an article about Isaac’s experience for her school assignment.” 

Given Isaac’s progress, it’s unsurprising that Leonie would recommend the program.

“Seeing how much Isaac’s confidence and language skills have improved and how positive he’s feeling gives me great joy. Isaac has really matured and grown from his experience aboard the Leeuwin,” Leonie said.

“I highly recommend this trip to any family; it has a forward reward experience that the whole family benefits from.”

Applications for the next Leeuwin Ultimate Challenge close Sunday 19 February, 2017. For more information or to apply visit

Leeuwin Ultimate Challenge

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