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Speech Pathologist

Our Speech Pathologists provide support for people who have difficulty communicating and swallowing.

What does a Speech Pathologist do?

Speech Pathologists study, diagnose and treat communication disorders. This includes difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice. People who experience difficulties swallowing food and drink safely can also benefit from the support of a speech pathologist.

To learn more about speech pathology visit the Speech Pathology Australia website.

Our Speech Pathology Services

Working as part of therapy teams, our qualified Speech Pathologists help people living with disability achieve their goals and optimise their quality of life.

Our speech pathology services are available to people of all ages who have disabilities and developmental delays. Services can be provided at home, schools, in our clinics and in community settings. 


Our Speech Pathologists (or speech therapists) help people develop their communication, speech, language and literacy. This includes:

  • Speaking and listening
  • Reading and writing
  • Understanding words and language
  • Improving speech clarity
  • Understanding syllables and rhymes (phonological awareness)
  • Understanding instructions and following directions

For people whose communications needs are not met by speech or writing, our Speech Pathologists can provide Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) systems and solutions. This can include signing, use of visual aids, communications boards, use of body language and gesture.

Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and can include:

  • Assessment of skills and identification of problem areas
  • Communication strategies and ideas
  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems
  • Communication partner training
  • Oral motor placement therapy
  • PROMPT speech therapy
  • Communications devices and assistive technology
  • Specialised speech and language programs (e.g. Hanen programs)
Mealtimes and swallowing

Eating and drinking can be uncomfortable, stressful and even dangerous for a person with swallowing difficulties. If not managed properly, swallowing difficulties can result in life threatening medical conditions, such as choking, poor nutrition and dehydration.

Our Speech Pathologists can provide support to ensure that mealtimes are safe and enjoyable for children and adults with swallowing difficulties.

Services are tailored to the unique needs of each individual and can include:

  • Mealtime observation and assessment
  • Information, advice and strategies for the management of swallowing difficulties
  • Education and training for parents, carers, families and support workers

Where additional support is required, our Speech Pathologists will refer individuals and families to Therapy Focus’ specialist mealtime management team, MEAHLS.

Accessing services

Our speech pathology services can be accessed through a range of funding options. We can help you find out if you’re eligible and provide information about the options available. 

Contact us on 1300 135 373 for more information or to start your journey with Therapy Focus. 


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