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The Service Cycle

Our service cycle outlines the steps in service delivery from the initial welcome meeting to regular progress reviews.

Diagram showing the service cycle including welcome meeting, assessment, therapy plan development, therapy, practice and progress review

Welcome meeting

Your Therapy Team will meet with you and the people who are important to you to discuss what you want in life. We will explore your priority areas, goals and dreams.


Your therapy team will conduct an assessment to find out what you can do and what you need help with. They do this by:

  • Asking you questions
  • Talking to the people who help you
  • Watching you complete activities at home, school, work, or in the community
  • Asking you to demonstrate activities

Therapy plan development

Your therapy team will talk to you about their assessment and suggest what you can do to work toward your goals. This will include things you can do and things people around you can do to help. This will form your Therapy Plan.


Once your Therapy Plan is complete your team will begin providing therapy. This can include:

  • Helping the people around you make things easier for you
  • Giving you activities to help you learn something new
  • Showing you how to do something
  • Finding you equipment that can help you


You will need time to practice new skills with help from your therapy team and the people around you. This is when you can tell us what is working well and what isn’t working so well.

Progress review

When you feel you’ve had enough time to practice we will meet with you to find out if you’ve reached your goals. If you have new goals then we can continue to help you.

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