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Key Worker Model

A Key Worker is one therapist within a therapy team and is responsible for coordinating service delivery.

When starting services with Therapy Focus you will be appointed a Key Worker. Your Key Worker is one of the clinicians in your therapy team and your main contact.

Your Key Worker will:
  • Help develop your therapy plan with you
  • Give you, your family and/or carers information and advice
  • Help you and the people around you to work toward your goals
  • Help you work through challenges or issues you’re facing
  • Visit the places where you need support
  • Attend meetings with you
  • Invite other therapists to meetings when needed
The important people in your life can contact your Key Worker if they have questions. This includes:
  • Family members
  • School staff
  • Doctors and medical professionals
  • Local Coordinators (LC)
  • Other service providers

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