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Written by Equipment Funding Team Admin Officer, Simona Gilmore

The safety and accessibility of your home can have a big impact on your daily life, whether it’s completing everyday tasks, seeing family and friends or just relaxing.

For many people living with disability, home modifications can increase independence and accessibility, and help them make the most of their home.

Therapy Focus has an Equipment Funding Team to help clients with these requirements. It consists of occupational therapistsphysiotherapistsspeech pathologists, a home modifications project manager and administration staff.

The Equipment funding team can assess the accessibility of your home and provide support for modifications under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)WA NDIS and Community Aids and Equipment Program (CAEP).

I have a disability. How can I get modifications in my home?

The first step in the process of a home modification is working with you, your family and carers to identify any barriers or hazards that are currently present in your home.

We then discuss your goals for your living space, and what sort of home modifications could help you achieve these.

Modifications might include:

  • Modifying bathrooms to make them more accessible, usable and safe (e.g. slip resistant flooring)
  • Installing ramps to make accessing your home easier
  • Installing rails to provide you with more stability in the home
  • Widening doorways to provide easier access to the house and rooms inside the house
  • Installation of sliding doors to provide easier access
  • Modifying taps to make them easier to turn on and off
  • Adjusting lighting in the kitchen for better visibility
  • Adjusting kitchen benches/cupboards to be more functional
  • Levelling floors within the home

therapist talks to woman holding on to bathroom handrailOur Project Manager, Jenny Greensmith, has previously worked as an architect and brings a wealth of knowledge from the disability sector having worked as a Family Connect Worker at Therapy Focus for many years. Jenny can work with you and any builders or tradespeople to ensure your home modifications are exactly what you need.

For more information about how Therapy Focus can help with home modifications, click here.


therapist talks to woman holding on to bathroom handrail
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