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GIVE Program - Apply

  • Applicant Information

    The applicant is the person submitting the application.
  • Recipient information

    The recipient is the person who will benefit from the items/activities requested in this application.
  • Is the recipient a current Therapy Focus client (active or waitlisted)?
  • Funding required

  • Which funding package are you applying for?
  • The will be the amount awarded if your application is successful.

  • Item information

  • Please describe the item(s) you are applying for in 150 words or less. EXCLUDED ITEMS: medication, vehicles and surgery costs.

  • Rationale

  • Please explain how the item(s) support independence, participation and/or social inclusion of the recipient and/or their family in 250 words or less.
  • Quotes

    At least one quote is required for all items requested. Two quotes are required for items over $2000. Quotes must be issued by the supplier and state the total funds required.

  • Drop files here or
  • Therapist support letter

    Some items require a support letter from a therapist or clinician. View the list of the items.

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  • Agreements

  • If applying on behalf of the recipient and/or their family:

    Please note that the outcome of your application is not dependent on participation in publicity and/or volunteer support.

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