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There are a number of ways you can take part in teletherapy, whether it be online or using your phone.

Microsoft Teams logo Microsoft Teams

At Therapy Focus, we use a powerful tool called Microsoft Teams to conduct teletherapy. In addition to video calling, your therapist can share visuals, have group conversations, send instant messages and more.

Your therapist will send you a meeting request by email, which will allow you to connect with them on your smartphone, tablet or computer – basically any device you have. It is free for you to use and is our preferred way to deliver teletherapy.

Download our 3 step instructions for setting up Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is our preferred way to connect with you for teletherapy, but if you feel more comfortable using another application we will work with you to accommodate this.

Skype logo Skype

Skype is software that allows people to make video and voice calls online. You can have one-to-one conversations or groups calls, send instant messages and share files. Our therapists can use Skype to provide teletherapy to customers who would prefer to connect this way.

Skype is free to download and easy to use. Read how to get setup on Skype here.

WhatsApp logo WhatsApp

WhatsApp accounts have been setup for all of our therapists so that they can use the popular messaging platform to provide teletherapy sessions to customers. WhatsApp is not quite as flexible as Microsoft Teams for teletherapy, but if it works for you, it works for us!

You can download WhatsApp from the app store on your smartphone or tablet.

FaceTime icon Video call

Most, if not all smartphones have the ability to make video calls. All of our therapists are equipped with iPhones, which have the ability to make video calls via FaceTime. Read instructions for using FaceTime on your iPhone and iPad here.

Phone call

Not everyone has access to the internet. If this is your situation, your therapist can conduct teletherapy over the phone. We suggest putting the phone on speaker if you can, so that you/your child is free to use their hands and move as needed. It also means that parents/carers can listen in and take part in the session if needed.

What about Facebook Messenger?

Unfortunately we are not able to use Facebook Messenger due to privacy and confidentiality issues. But don’t worry, there are many other free and easy ways to connect with your therapist. Contact your Key Worker or therapy team to discuss the options available and what’s best for you.

What about Zoom?

There have been an increasing number of security hacks reported by people using Zoom. Until this is resolved we cannot use Zoom as it poses a risk to the security of our organisation and you, our customers.

Let us know your preferred application

Contact your Key Worker or the therapists in your therapy team to let them know your preferred way to connect for teletherapy. If you’re not sure which one to use they can make suggestions and put you in touch with our IT Team, who can help you get setup for teletherapy.

Access our teletherapy services

Interested in giving teletherapy a go, but not sure if it will work for you? At Therapy Focus, we offer customised teletherapy packages that allow you to access the level of support you need. Our experienced therapists can help you identify therapy goals, learn therapy strategies, work on specific goals and address challenges and concerns.

Learn more about our Teletherapy Packages.

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