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Freemasons help Brock dive in

Published 24th August, 2016
The Freemasons of WA have generously provided funding for 7 children with disabilities to complete a term of specialist 1:1 swimming lessons.

One of the children who received funding was 8 year-old Brock MacDonald-Bevan, who has autism and receives support from Therapy Focus. Brock has difficulty with his coordination and motor skills, which has affected his ability to learn to swim.

Brock’s Occupational Therapist, Tiffany Colbran, said that prior to starting the 1:1 swimming lessons Brock was reluctant to participate in lessons through school, after failing to pass stage one a number of times.

“Understandably, Brock’s self-confidence was affected as his peers progressed into higher grades and he remained in level one,” Tiffany said.

“We explored the option of 1:1 swimming lessons with an instructor qualified in disability, who could design a program specifically for Brock’s needs, but these lessons are very expensive and too costly for the family.”

Having worked with Therapy Focus for a number of years, the Freemasons of WA were happy to assist and generously donated $4,760 to cover the cost of 1:1 swimming lessons for Brock and 6 other children.

Freemasons member, Eddy Ward, met Brock and his mum Katrina at Cannington Leisureplex where Brock attends lessons each Saturday, and said that meeting the families who benefit from donations was “a very rewarding opportunity that really hits home.”

Katrina was tearful in thanking Eddy, saying that Brock has made incredible progress as a result of the 1:1 lessons.

“Within one term Brock had passed level 1 and was over the moon about it. I’m so thankful to the Freemasons and Therapy Focus – we simply wouldn’t have been able to afford this otherwise,” Katrina said.

Freemasons member, Eddy Ward, with Brock

Pictured: Freemasons member, Eddy Ward (R), with Brock MacDonald-Bevan.

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