Out and About Group (Kingsley)

Calling all teens to 24 year-olds!

The Out and About Group is an opportunity for you to develop independence and life skills within the wider community.

The group will involve collaborating with others to develop a plan, identifying a journey route using public transport, practising using money and participating in identified activities.

As we will be practising money skills, we kindly ask you to provide a small allowance each day of $10 so you can purchase food or a drink when we are out in the community.

What are the requirements?

  • SmartRider with sufficient funds,
  • Ability to self regulate and manage behaviour,
  • Independence with self-care. i.e toileting,
  • Prior completion of some community access skills,
  • Must be able to independently communicate needs and wants with others.

Why should I attend?

  • Increase independence and confidence in accessing the community,
  • Improve money skills and build friendships with peers/support network,
  • Develop social problem-solving skills in the community,
  • Up-skill strategies for support workers to continue their support.

This group runs for four days from 12 -15 April. Participants begin Day 1 at Therapy Focus Kingsley.


Register your interest by 18 March 2021!

Download the flyer

Contact Therapy Focus Kingsley on (08) 9403 9500 or email [email protected]

*Please Note: This group is only open to Therapy Focus customers.