LEGO Group – Walliston (7 – 12 Year Olds)

You’re invited to LEGO Group!

Based on the principles of LEGO-based therapy, LEGO group uses LEGO to support the development of social skills. Participants will be grouped into teams and will work together to complete a project. Each child will have the opportunity to negotiate, share, problem solve and collaborate, amongst other skills.

The benefits of LEGO Club are:

  • Uses LEGO as a medium to communicate and build relationships
  • Promotes social interaction and collaborative play in a structured environment
  • Children practice joint attention, social communication, working towards a shared goal, turn-taking and negotiation skills.

Who is this group for?

Children aged 7 - 12 years who:

  • Maintain listening skills
  • Enjoy and are interested in LEGO

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Register your interest by 14 April 2022!

Contact Walliston office on 1300 135 373 or by emailing [email protected]