LEGO Group – Armadale

You’re invited to LEGO Group!

Based on the principles of LEGO therapy, our LEGO Groups use interactive activities to support the development of critical skills. At the sessions, participants are grouped into teams to work together to complete a LEGO project. Each child has the opportunity to work in different roles and practice skills such as:

  • listening
  • turn-taking
  • negotiation
  • sharing
  • problem-solving
  • working together

A certificate is issued as participants achieve skills in each level.

The benefits of LEGO Club are:

  • Uses LEGO as a medium to communicate and build relationships,
  • Promotes social interaction,
  • Promotes collaborative play in a structured environment,
  • Children practice joint attention, social communication, working towards a shared goal, turn-taking and negotiation skills.

Who is this group for?

  • Children aged 8-12* years who can:
  • Sit in a chair at a table,
  • Not wander off,
  • Maintain listening skills,
  • Enjoy and are interested in LEGO.


Register your interest by 7 October 2021!

Contact your key worker or Armadale office on 1300 135 373 or [email protected]

*Please note this group is for Therapy Focus customers only.