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Early Intervention

Early intervention is vital to give children with disabilities the best start in life. We help children aged 0-8 learn key skills and achieve their developmental milestones. 

Early intervention programs offer support and services to children and their families, giving them a strong opportunity to develop self-confidence and knowledge from a young age. Our therapists and support staff help improve well-being, increase independence and promote participation in everyday activities. Our services include providing support in the following areas:

How we work

Our therapy teams work collaboratively to deliver evidence-based therapy services that help people with disabilities achieve their goals in life. The aim of our early intervention program is to give children the best possible start in life and provide parents and/or carers with the correct information and resources to support their child.

Service delivery is flexible and tailored to the unique needs of each individual, their family and carers.

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Accessing services

Our early intervention services in Perth can be accessed through a range of funding options. We can help you find out if you’re eligible and provide further information about the options available.

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