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Sensory swing helps calm Corey

Published 2nd May, 2016
14 year-old Corey Hipper is better equipped to manage his emotions since receiving specialised sensory equipment through Therapy Focus’ GIVE Program.

Like many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Corey experiences difficulty when it comes to his sensory processing. Loud noises, bright lights and large crowds can be overwhelming and often result in Corey dropping to the floor and rocking, or even banging his head in extreme circumstances.

In an effort to support Corey’s sensory regulation, Therapy Focus Occupational Therapist, Emily Greenwood, assisted the Hipper family in applying to the GIVE Program for an Airwalker swing, Co-Oper blanket and Body Sox.

“All of the items provide Corey with deep pressure, which has a calming effect. The movement back and forth in the swing also replaces his need to rock, and the way it encloses around him provides a dark, hidden environment away from the noise and light that he can find distressing,” Emily said.

“Corey had been using the items at school with great success, and would always ask to go on the swing when he was at home. It was so heart-breaking saying no, so we applied to the GIVE Program so that he could continue to enjoy the benefits at home.”

The $5000 grant not only funded the sensory items themselves, but also the installation of the swing, which required a support beam be placed in the roof of the family’s home to ensure it’s safe use.   

Corey’s Mum, Kylie says that having the equipment at home has meant that Corey can independently regulate his emotions and manage his sensory needs.

“Corey no longer experiences the extreme highs and lows when he’s at home, and can calm himself when he’s feeling hyper[active],” Kylie said.

“The swing is by far the best thing he’s ever had and I’m so grateful to Emily for her support.”

Emily has also seen vast improvements in Corey, saying that in the three years she has worked with Corey he is now at his calmest.

“The flow-on effects are truly amazing. Everyday activities like catching the bus to and from school are made that much easier for Corey thanks to the calming effects.”

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Corey in his swing

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