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Communicating your goals

Published 30th August, 2017
Written by Advanced Speech Pathologist, Julie Tan 


Goal setting is something we should all practice. Goals give us focus and direction to achieve what’s most important to us.

As Western Australia transitions to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), effective goal setting and being able to communicate goals is becoming increasingly important. The planning stage is centred on each NDIS participant’s statement of goals and aspirations, which provides the foundation for their selection of supports.

At Therapy Focus we often use a tool known as the Strengths for Life Profile to help people with disabilities and their families set meaningful, functional, participation-based goals. The profile focuses on what you’re already good at and interested in, and finds ways to develop these strengths and interests into more complex abilities.

By empowering you to focus on your strengths when planning new goals, the Strengths for Life profile supports a positive, upbeat journey to gaining new skills. For example, if a child identifies playing as a strength, this could be used as a building block to achieving goals like talking with others and making friends.

Our therapists developed the Strengths for Life Profile in collaboration with a local artist to create a visually accessible tool that captures a person’s experience across varied contexts. For example; home, school and community.

Once you, your family and your therapist have used the Strengths for Life Profile to identify the broader goal you’re striving for, your therapist can help you make sure your goal is SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. When your goals meet these criteria, not only will you be able to better understand what you’re working towards, but you’ll also be able to explain and communicate your goals to those around you.

Setting and achieving goals is an exciting part of life. It’s a continuous process that we’re able to regularly build upon as we grow and progress. By taking time to set the SMART goals and ensuring you’re communicating them effectively, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

If you’re a current Therapy Focus client, talk to your therapy team about using Strengths for Life. If you’re interested in starting services with Therapy Focus, contact us for more information.

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