ParentWorks Spectrum: An integrated parenting program for children with autism

By University of Sydney

ParentWorks Spectrum is a free 12-week online parenting program.
Families can participate from anywhere in Australia.

Who can participate?

  • Parents/caregivers of children aged between 2 and 5 years 11 months with a diagnosis of autism
    (Level 2 or 3).

What is the study about?

  • This study is examining the effectiveness of a brief parenting program ParentWorks Spectrum for
    young children with autism.
  • Parents and children taking part in this project are randomly allocated to receive ParentWorks
    Spectrum immediately or to wait 12 weeks before receiving the program.

What is ParentWorks Spectrum?

  • ParentWorks Spectrum is a 12-week online parenting program that provides parents with strategies to
    manage child behavioural difficulties and promote positive parent-child interactions to help children
    develop social, communication and emotional regulation skills.
  • Parents will also be provided with strategies to support parent wellbeing and parental teamwork.
  • This research may lead to the development of an effective early intervention to improve child behaviour
    and social-communication skills for children with autism and support parents.

How do I get involved?

  • Contact the researchers at the University of Sydney to find out more about the research. Email your
    enquiry about ParentWorks Spectrum to [email protected] or call (02) 9114 4326.