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boy picks up card as therapist looks on

What is a Developmental Language Disorder?

Language is a skill we all use to tell others our thoughts and feelings and understand the world around us. Unfortunately, using and understanding language does not come easy for everyone, particularly, people with a developmental language disorder (DLD).
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therapist plays playdoh with girl

What are interaction skills and why are they so important?

Communication is so much more than just using words. While children start to use their first words around 12 months of age, there is a lot of communication happening well before their first birthday! Before children start to use words to communicate, they will use different behaviours to get their messages across. These behaviours are called interaction skills.
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therapist laughs with young girl

Language development myths

When it comes to language development, there is a lot of information around! There are also some common assumptions around children’s language development that don’t always ring true. This article addresses some common language development myths and sets the record straight!
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